Learn Specs of All Japanese Van & Minibus

Different Uses of Vans

Mainly, companies and shops use it for transportation and delivery of goods, and the body is almost always marked with a “Signboard” (the name of the a company or a shop). It is also used for collection and delivery of mail and transportation industry in small numbers.

Of course, the one box van has been used before the dedicated collection and delivery vehicle appeared, but many are still being used for home delivery services today. Also, it is often used for stump speeches during elections. In personal ownership cases, there are advantages such as the use by personal businesses including carpenters and plumbers, being a cheaper option than wagons as a camping car (camper) or a transportation vehicle because there is no extra seats or interior materials so there is more space, a simple and strong feel with the clean and cheap feeling unique to commercial vehicles, and the easiness of rear smoothing. However, personal ownership is basically low except for kei car. On the other hand, there are constant personal car demands for Monocorps and hatchback in kei car.

Van Usage Samples

Van with Signboard
Van for the Stump Speech
Camping Car