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Suzuki lapin

Suzuki Lapin

The lapin hatchback is the retro-styled version of the original Suzuki Kei. The Suzuki Lapin has a very unique box shape that has had a great appeal to female drivers. Its branding is derived from the description of a rabbit majorly owing to its head badges. It has a relatively powerful engine for both the turbocharged and the alternative natural aspirated engine with a power of 44 kW/ 60 horsepower and 40kw/ 54 horsepower respectively. The model is available in 2 and 4 wheel drive with an impressive transmission of column shift for the automatic option with a 4-speed gear system and manual system with a 5-speed gear system. Other charming features for this car are that it has a low fuel consumption of 19 - 35km/L so you get to economize. Its interior is clearly laid out with accessible and automated controls on the dashboard for infotainment, climate control and so much more!