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Nissan clipper

Nissan Clipper

As a series of commercial vehicles, the Nissan Clipper focuses on reliability, multi-functionality and durability. The minibus variants released under the nameplate reached undeniable success because of their low maintenance cost and fuel efficiency. The Clipper minibus is available in a two-wheel or a four-wheel drivetrain, which is mated to a four-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. Aside from its mechanical features, the Nissan Clipper is also famous for its spacious interiors, which is able to accommodate extra cargo and passengers. From the outside, the Nissan Clipper is notably compact to allow for easier maneuverability and drivability. Its body is made up of rust-resistant materials to ensure longevity despite changing weather patterns and other outdoor hazards. Plus, some variants also enable passengers to change seating arrangements to maximize comfort and functionality. A minibus designed for different applications, the Nissan Clipper guarantees efficient services for the years to come.