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Ford lincoln

Ford Lincoln

Among the many luxurious cars manufactured by the American manufacturer Ford Motor company, Lincoln is one of them. The Ford Lincoln sedan has been among the top marketed hatchbacks in the United States and has gone to the extent of competed with Cadillac almost its entire existence. Lincoln is commonly known for its feature of developing the personal luxury car section, with the entrance of the Lincoln Continental into the market in 1940. Ford acquired the Lincoln Motor Company and integrated it to the Lincoln-Mercury after pairing both Lincoln and Mercury brand to one. Following the closure of Mercury and the divestiture of Volvo, Land Rover as well as Jaguar, Lincoln sedan remains the only luxury nameplate current of Ford Motor Company. The existing product range of Lincoln comprises of sedans, SUVs as well as crossovers. Even after ending their century –long run with hatchback, Ford decided to retain their original Lincoln traditional care with only two sedans being in existence namely the continental as well as the MKZ.