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Used Car Auction

Access All Auction Houses in Japan in "One Website"

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Used Car Auction

Access All Auction Houses in Japan in "One Website"

How to Use The Auction Tool



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In Japan, it is allowed to drive a "Left hand drive" or "Right hand drive" vehicle. Because of this, There plenty of left hand drive car enthusiasts in Japan whom often buy and sell their left hand drive vehicles!

There are plenty of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi left hand drive in the Japanese Car Auction. Take a look for yourself! Click here to see over 140,000 Cars
Unlike other auction companies which charges money just to see the auction, we offer this tool for FREE until you have chosen your car and decide on a bid.

The Auction Flow is as follows:
  • 1. Choose a car from the auction here - Access the Car Auction
  • 2. Make a refundable security deposit (Based on the amount you are going to bid) - Click here to make a security deposit
  • 3. Set a maximum Bid Budget
  • 4. We will bid on your Behalf
  • 5. On successful bid, we will be sending you an invoice which must be paid within 2 business days.
Please give us a call! We are glad to discuss our Agent Fee which includes local delivery fee in Japan from the auction house to the port, Document processing, Auction Fee and Our Fee. To get in touch with us, please send us a whatsapp message at +81-70-3990-8510 or send us an email at
Since we do not charge and ask money for the use of our auction tool, we get a lot of bid requests, if a user decides to cancel last minute, the auction house will charge our company, this is why a security deposit is required. This is 100% refundable if you choose to do so.
After Agreeing and setting a maximum bid budget and your deposit have been confirmed, we will be participating in the auction on your behalf, using our own funds to purchase the vehicle within your stated budget (bid). You will be notified of the auction results and the next steps on how to pay for the remaining balance and steps to claim your car
To make a deposit, please visit this page (signup or login is required)
Make a Deposit
No, But the Security deposit is 100% refundable. you can request for a full refund of the security deposit after you have paid for the invoice of the car(in the case of winning the bid)

(for example: With your bid budget, we've purchased the car. We will be issuing you the invoice for the car. we will be holding onto the deposit until the invoice for the won car has been paid just for security purposes, after the invoice has been paid, you can choose to request a refund or use that same deposit for the next bid that you want to make.)
Deposits are 100% Refundable! To refund your deposit, simply contact our sales team at +81-70-3990-8510 by whatsapp, or request for a refund at Deposit Refund Application page
No, we will do the bidding for you! All you must do is Make a security deposit if you haven’t done so yet, set your maximum budget and ask us to bid for you!
The auction bidding in Japan is very fast paced, each car can be sold in 10-20 seconds so if your budget is low or you provided us with your “Lowest Budget” then there would be no time to increase your bid as the car you want would be sold to others.

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