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2007 BMW 1 SERIES Image[0]
2007 BMW 1 SERIES Image[1]

2007 BMW 1 SERIES UF16

83,000km | FAT | 116i

Lot No.
Lot #4147
Auction Location
TAA Shikoku
Auction Schedule
01/21/2020 00:00:00 (JST)
Start Price
Market Price
$500 ~ $1,162

* Market Price:Based on previous three months Auction sold price data

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Model CodeUF16
Auction Grade4
Registration Year2007
Fuel Type---
Serial Number---
Engine Capacity---cc
Auction LocationTAA Shikoku
OptionsFR, AAC

Auction Sheet

Auction Sheet
  • Auction Grade (評価点)

    The auction grade summarizes overall condition

    5Same as new
    4.5Excellent grade with almost no issue
    4Great grade with minor issues only
    3.5Good grade with some issues that may need repair
    3Average grade with issues to fix
    2Bad grade
    *Non running car, needs a forklift to be moved. But also mentioned for any motorbike or machinery
    R or 0Accident history repaired. Repaired parts are mostly informed on auction sheet
    RAMinor accident repaired (core support or back panel only)
    RBHeavy repair (till inner panel or floor)
    RCPillar or frame has been changed/repaired
    R2Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issue
  • Inside Grade (外装 / 内装)

    Inside grade summarizes condition of the inside of the car

    AExcellent interior condition
    BGood condtion with some imperfections
    CGood or average condition with imperfections
    DBad interior condition
  • Detailed Body Condition (Development View)

    Body marks according to code

    A1Too small to mention
    A2Small Scratch
    A4Long Scratch
    B1Too small to mention
    B2Small Dent
    B4Large Dent
    U1Too small to mention
    U2Small Dent
    U4Large Dent
    オーディオ欠Audio Missing
    BPHas Been Repaired
    XNeeds to be Repaired
    XXHas been Replaced
    Big (Kanji for "big")
  • Vehicle Options (装備品)

    Options of the car are marked with a circle

    AWAlloy Wheel
    PSPower Steering
    PWPower Window
    カワ or 革Leather Seats
    ナビNavigation System
  • Transmission (シフト)

    Code used to indicate Manual or Automatic transmission

    ManualF5, F6, MT, 5MT, 6MT
    AutomaticAT, FA, FAT

Past Winning Bids!

116I M SPORT PKG 01/17/20202006116I M SPORT PKG 102,000kmNavy blue4Login / Signup
M SPORT 01/16/20202006M SPORT 66,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i 01/10/20202006116i 69,000kmGray3.5Login / Signup
116i_M Sports Package01/09/20202006116i_M Sports Package87,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116I HID01/08/20202007116I HID58,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116I 01/07/20202006116I 47,000kmWhite3Login / Signup
116I 12/25/20192007116I 58,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i 12/25/20192006116i 82,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i 12/21/20192006116i 47,000kmSilver3.5Login / Signup
116i 12/20/20192006116i 90,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116I12/20/20192006116I87,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i 12/19/20192006116i 159,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116i 12/18/20192006116i 104,000kmSilver4Login / Signup
116I12/13/20192007116I94,000kmBlack4Login / Signup
116I12/13/20192006116I81,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116i 12/12/20192006116i 114,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
M SPORT PACKAGE 12/11/20192006M SPORT PACKAGE 45,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116i 12/11/20192007116i 52,000kmBlack4Login / Signup
116i 12/10/20192007116i 97,000kmRed4Login / Signup
116i 12/10/20192006116i 26,000kmNavy blue3.5Login / Signup
116i 12/06/20192006116i 73,000kmBlack3Login / Signup
116i 12/06/20192007116i 91,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116I M SPORT PACKAGE 12/05/20192006116I M SPORT PACKAGE 88,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i 11/30/20192006116i 38,000kmNavy blue3.5Login / Signup
116i 11/27/20192006116i 45,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116I_M SPORT PACKAGE 11/27/20192007116I_M SPORT PACKAGE 69,000kmGray4Login / Signup
---11/26/20192006---45,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116I M SPORT PACKAGE 11/23/20192006116I M SPORT PACKAGE 33,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
---11/22/20192006---107,000kmActual vehicle3.5Login / Signup
116i 11/22/20192007116i 59,000kmBlue3.5Login / Signup
116 I 11/21/20192006116 I 108,000kmRed4Login / Signup
116i 11/21/20192007116i 62,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i 11/21/20192006116i 68,000kmBlack3.5Login / Signup
116i 11/14/20192006116i 58,000kmSilver3.5Login / Signup
116I 11/01/20192006116I 41,000kmWhite4Login / Signup
116i10/31/20192006116i67,000kmSilver4Login / Signup
116 I MSP10/31/20192006116 I MSP81,000kmSilver4Login / Signup
116i10/31/20192006116i17,000kmGrey4Login / Signup
---10/30/20192006---81,000kmRed3.5Login / Signup
116I M SPORT PACKAGE 10/29/20192006116I M SPORT PACKAGE 147,000kmWhite3.5Login / Signup
116i 10/29/20192006116i 103,000kmPearl3.5Login / Signup
116i 10/28/20192007116i 85,000kmBlack3.5Login / Signup
116i 10/24/20192006116i 63,000kmSilver3.5Login / Signup
116i 10/21/20192006116i 67,000kmSilver4Login / Signup
116i 10/21/20192006116i 69,000kmPearl3.5Login / Signup

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