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As the home of top-class vehicles, Japan is like a wonderland to every car enthusiast. As more and more premium-grade cars are brought into the local market, the car export industry in the country has exponentially grown until it attracted attention in Asia, the US and other parts of the globe.

However, since it can be difficult to separate the reliable car export service providers from illegal export companies, many people are becoming more cautious on buying online. Fortunately, if you are planning to import used cars from Japan, JUMVEA is here to safeguard your welfare as an online buyer.

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What you need to know about JUMVEA?

The Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association, more popularly known as JUMVEA, is a trade association that looks after the welfare of people within the export industry.

As the number of export-related crimes escalate, the need to govern the best interests of consumers and businesses continuously intensifies. JUMVEA was basically established to create standards in the industry so consumers can feel safer to buy vehicles in Japan. Along with some of the exportation guidelines companies need to abide by, JUMVEA also devises a safe and secured payment scheme for international buyers.

JUMVEA: The Beginning of Safe Trade

JUMVEA has received enormous success after it was incorporated in 1997. First launched in September 14, 1995 as Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Alliance, the organization’s name was changed to Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) upon the approval of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Just like other organizations, JUMVEA also has a humble beginning. Initially, the organization had 60 members, but thanks to a lot of hard work and the dedication, it continuously grew until it received local and international recognition. Today, JUMVEA has over 240 members that provide honest and reliable car export services worldwide.

The Purpose Behind JUMVEA

JUMVEA has one primary purpose: to establish and strengthen fair trade by creating standards and utilizing a systematic approach in car exportation.

With the help of JUMVEA, international consumers can have the confidence to import used cars from Japan while local car export companies are given the opportunity to engage in joint business activities that can help them build a good reputation in the field. Nurturing the trust and welfare of consumers while providing a solid platform for Japanese businesses, JUMVEA is a big organization with a much bigger purpose and goal.

JUMVEA: Creating a Safety Net for Consumers and Exporters

JUMVEA is a non-profit organization recognized by the government. Aside from creating order within the trade industry, JUMVEA also provides a safe payment scheme that protects both consumers and car export companies via the JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST).

So how does it work? Once you win a bid from a Japan automobile auction, you need to pay the vehicle before exportation. JUMVEA acts a third party that facilitates fair trade by ensuring that your payment is not released to the supplier unless the vehicle is already exported.

JUMVEA Safe Trade (JUST) offers these distinct features for those who are planning to import used cars from Japan:

100% Payment Protection: The payment you made via JUMVEA will not be released to the car export service provider unless the vehicle is already exported.
Bill of Lading: JUMVEA inspects Bill of Lading and ensures that the vehicle you ordered is included in the shipment.
100% Money back Guarantee: Did not receive the papers or the car you ordered from the Japan automobile auction? Don’t worry! JUMVEA will send back your money after deducting the bank transfer and handling fees.

Car Used: The Reliable Car Export Company You Can Trust

If you are looking for a reliable partner in importing Japanese used cars, carused.jp can definitely answer to all your needs. Because we greatly value your sense of security, we have joined JUMVEA in their journey towards maintaining order within the trade industry.
Since we are an accredited member of JUMVEA, you can send payments via the organization and just wait until we finish processing your request. With carused.jp, you can expect nothing but safe and hassle-free transactions.

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