The North American International Auto Show Never Fails to Surprise!

Whether you prefer sedans, trucks, or sports vehicles, the North American International Show (NAIAS) will always have something surprising and interesting for you. The event held last January 14-21, 2018 at the Detroit Cobo Center could truly rival any Chicago auto show or New York auto show. The NAIAS opened the year by delivering a good collection of production and pie-in-the-sky concept vehicles.

Whether you prefer buying new cars or you always opt for used vehicles from a Japan car auction, you would certainly appreciate what the NAIAS can offer. While many people purchase vehicles for practical reasons, there are still some who fantasize about driving avant-garde cars and futuristic concepts. As such, we will discuss some of the top concept cars featured in the recent NAIAS. We will also give you a quick background of the event so you can understand why it is one of the most sought-after car shows in North America.

NAIAS History

For over a hundred years, Detroit has hosted an auto show which strictly focused on its regional market. However, in 1987, certain members of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) decided that it was time to open the event’s doors to the international market. As such, they launched the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The car show was designed to provide valuable and exceptional experience for vehicle enthusiasts and members of the industry from around the world.

Outstanding Concept Vehicles from the 2018 NAIAS

The NAIAS last January showcased several notable production vehicles. However, people from the industry really talked about the concept vehicles rolled out by certain automakers. Here are some of them:

Lexus LF-1 Limitless

For car enthusiasts, Lexus is considered boring when it comes to concept vehicles. However, these days, the automaker has been making daring decisions by pushing its design borders. This is quite evident in the LF-1 Limitless concept.

It was designed as an epitome of a flagship SUV, featuring astounding body details, including hood creases and an unusual split spoiler at the back. One of the interesting features is the interior’s “four-dimensional” navigation system. You’d know that this nifty tool was developed using fancy materials, making it look sleek on the dashboard.

Nissan X Motion

If you see the Nissan X Motion in person, you’d know that it is the muscle vehicle you’d need if you want to intimidate the crowd. Aptly pronounced as ‘cross motion,’ this concept vehicle foreshadows the future of small crossovers from Nissan, including the Murano and Rogue.

This beefy vehicle features bulky tires and fenders. Aside from that, the lights are positioned up high, providing the driver with enhanced visual capability. Oh, you would appreciate the artistic efforts placed in designing the interior! Traditional Japanese joinery techniques for wood were used to put together the wooden console at the center. You would love the screens on the dashboard which spans the interior’s entire width.

Infiniti Q Inspiration

A lot of reviewers who visited the 2018 NAIAS agreed that the Q Inspiration concept from Infiniti was one of the most stunning cars at the event. This vehicle was intended as a preview of the upcoming Infiniti sedan generation. It has a bright and curvaceous design, with a tapering rear end and a single taillight.

The interior was designed with four individual seats that are adorned with matte wood and leather. Don’t hope that this will eventually find its way to a Japan car auction. It is unlikely that this concept would make it to production. Nonetheless, it is still something worth checking out.

Upcoming North American International Auto Show

Typically, the first few days of the NAIAS are reserved for specific groups, including the members of the press and industry experts, among others. The final seven to nine days are usually open to the public. Next year, the event will be held from January 12-27, 2019. So, as early as now, start making plans to physically visit the show!

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