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Until you buy Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus cheaply

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus is a very popular car.

  • Why is that?
  • How can I buy safely and cheaply?

Today we will focus on those two.

What kind of bus should I buy?

There are many types of buses, so you may not know which one to buy. In such a case, let’s decide on the purpose of use and the type of bus.

What is the purpose of use?

First, clarify the purpose of the bus. What are you planning to use?

Is it a community bus? Or a hotel pickup? There can also be used as school buses and rental cars for excursions.

In any case, it would be nice to be able to accommodate a lot of passengers and also has high durability, fuel efficiency, and ride safely.

There is such an ideal car. It is Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus.

Bus type

Rosa bus cheap is roughly divided into three types.

Large-size type: The seating capacity for approximately 50 passengers. Estimated price for new vehicles is approximately 30 to 40 million yen

Medium size type: The seating capacity of about 40 passengers. The price of a new car is approximately 20 to 30 million yen

Small-size type: The seating capacity is approximately 29 passengers. The price of a new car is approximately 20 million yen

The popularity is overwhelmingly medium and small.

Because it is easy to drive and the price is lower, many people would like to own it.

Rosa bus cheap which people in the world wants to own

The reasons why we recommend Rosa Bus are,

Frankly speaking

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Ride comfort
  • High level of safety

Rosa buses have many features that people around the world would like to have. Let’s take a closer look.

Fuel efficiency

Speaking of cars, isn’t it fuel efficiency? The Rosa bus uses a highly efficient “4P10” engine and a dual-clutch automatic transmission “DUONIC” to achieve efficient driving. Powerful and smooth running, which is highly regarded as professional drivers, has earned a reputation.

Fuel efficiency is about 7 to 9 km per liter. Users are also very satisfied with this performance level. A car that runs for many years while keeping the cost as low as possible will meet the wishes of many people. In order to keep it economical, fuel economy has never been better.

It is comfortable to ride in

Rosa bus adopted the DUONIC automatic transmission as the first bus in the world. It is usually mounted on motorcycles and sports-type passenger cars.

The latest electronic control alternates between the two sets of clutches and gears, reducing shock during shifting. In addition, it has a creep function that makes it easy to start on hills and run at low speeds, providing a comfortable ride without stress.

Since DUONIC’s wet clutch does not require replacement, running costs can be greatly reduced.

Has a high level of safety

It’s best that any problems would not occur, but you may have to think about what to do in advance if problems happen. In that respect, Rosa bus is safe because it has a high level of safety.

First, all regular seats have a 3-point seatbelt with ELR that meets the ECE regulations, the international standard set by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). ELR stands for Emergency Locking Retractor and is a device that improves safety by locking the seatbelt when the car has an accident such as the impact of the collision. The auxiliary seat is equipped with a two-point seat belt. The seats are fixed firmly so that they can stand severe damage.

The major concern is that when the car has a front-impact car accident, passengers may hit their heads against the front seat. In order to prevent injuries, the seatback is designed to reduce the impact. Rosa bus, used to carry infants, have a protective cushion behind the backrest. In addition, the height of the backrest is higher than before to increase safety.

The DUONIC automatic transmission minimizes sudden starts. When you step on the accelerator, the safety level is enhanced by accelerating the controlling system of the bus which is different from the truck.

Only when the gear is in the P (parking), the door automatically opens and closes. When the door is opened, the shift lever is locked to the P. This prevents a false start when the door is open.

There is more equipment for safety. I think there is a moment when you have to suddenly step on the brakes while driving … In such a case, “Power-ABC” is installed to assist the brake so that the tire is locked and does not slip. When the driver tries to stop suddenly, the driver has some control over the car, it increases the possibility of preventing a collision.

What do you think about this advanced safety equipment? We manage safety from all directions and protect the passengers. There are no other vehicles that you can trust more than Rosa Bus.

Other reasons are as below:

Clean exhaust gas

Rosa bus has clean exhaust gas. That’s because it uses an exhaust after-treatment technology called the BlueTec system, which is usually used for trucks and large buses. It collects and burns particulate matter PM, which is a cause of air pollution, contained in the exhaust gas and decomposes nitrogen oxide Nox into water and nitrogen. Therefore, it can have clean exhaust gas.

Also, thanks to the BlueTec, engine efficiency is improved. As fuel efficiency increases, Co2 can also be reduced. Rosa bus is environmentally friendly.

It received Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is an award given to products with excellent design in Japan. It is operated under the concept of improving living and society.

When it comes to good design, it’s easy to think that a fashionable design will be awarded, but that’s not all the cases. Rosa bus is recognized as a useful design for people and society.

The bus has an unusual 4WD

2WD is enough for normal roads, but 4WD is indispensable for snowy and frozen roads. With 2WD, you can slip off when you start, but with 4WD, you can easily move the bus.

Don’t worry if you need a microbus, but 2WD isn’t good enough…. Rosa bus has a 4WD. Even roads in snowy and cold areas, you can drive without problems.

It is designed to use at ski resorts, share-ride, and welfare facilities. Of course, if you need to drive on snowy or frozen roads for anything other than those purposes, Rosa Bus will be the best choice.

Why are Japanese cars good?

Rosa bus is a Japanese car. Japanese cars have many good points. First of all, it is well-made. The makers are particular about the details that you can actually see the details when you drive the car. It is designed to be user friendly. Once you drive a Japanese car, you will not be able to forget how comfortable it is.

High quality is also an advantage of Japanese cars. If it breaks down immediately, it cannot be helped to have running costs, but if it has high durability, you can reduce costs and save time.

You will not be able to drive a Japanese car unless it passes a quality test set by the Japanese government. Only cars that have passed the rigorous tests will be able to drive on public roads. Therefore, Japanese cars are usually very high quality and have excellent durability.

It is also highly evaluated for its fuel efficiency. This is a very important part of maintaining a car. Even if you drive the same distance, there is a big difference between 3 km and 10 km per liter. Not only you can save cost but also you will also save time and effort in refueling.

Excellent functionality, high quality, and good fuel economy. Japanese cars have many advantages like the above points. It is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas. The fact that many people want it is proof that it is a good car. If you purchase Rosa Bus, you will surely be satisfied.

How to buy a car safe and cheap

When you want a Rosa bus, what is the best way to buy it? First, let’s check four methods.

1. Purchase a new car at a dealer

The safest and quickest way is to buy a new car at a dealer. If it is a new car, there are not many risks that unexpected failures are hidden, and maintenance is not going to be a big issue in case of emergency.

There are many benefits, but the price is high because it is a new car. This may be the best option if you have plenty of money, but it’s not the best option if you want to buy less money as possible.

2.Purchased at a local used car shop

If your local used car shop has a Rosa bus you like, you might want to buy one. You can see the bus directly and check it, and it takes less time to deliver. It is possible to purchase at a relatively low price.

However, such used car dealers sometimes import Rosa buses from Japan and sell them, which may cost a lot because of intermediate margins. Even if you find a good car, you need to consider carefully whether the price is reasonable.

3.Purchase at auction site

How about purchasing at an auction site? It seems that it is often cheaply exhibited. “If I can buy Rosa bus so cheaply …”, you might want to join it.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t check the actual car before you buy it. In some cases, the seller hides the breakdown or accident history. There are many people who are deceived, and it is continuously happening.

Even if it is cheaper than the market price, it is not a price that you can easily purchase, so you need to make sure that there is no problem with the exhibited Rosa bus. If you can’t trust it, you should not buy it.

4, Imported from Japanese websites for individual trading

Importing directly from the website of a used car company in Japan is the cheapest way to get Rosa bus. There’s no middle margin, so you don’t have to pay extra.

However, if you do not choose a reliable company, you may get into trouble, for example, you may have paid but it never arrived, or you may have received a different car than the one you purchased. When using this method, choosing a used car exporter is the key to success. is highly recommended!

There are many used car export companies in Japan. If you don’t know where to choose, you can’t decide which company you can trust. In such a case, we recommend has the following good features.

  1. Sells at the best price 365 days
  2. There are professional staffs who are familiar with commercial vehicles
  3. Safe and reliable quality

If you are unsure of which used car company to choose from, please feel free to contact us. You will probably feel comfortable and want to consider purchasing it with this company.


Did you fully understand the good points of Rosa Bus? It is a 40-year-old model with excellent functions and facilities. Various measures have been taken to transport people comfortably, and they are still evolving. Be sure to search for a reliable Rosa bus at

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