Most Popular Trucks Exported from Japan to the Philippines

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In the Philippines, the population continues to grow, pushing domestic consumption to rise even higher. With over 100 million people in this developing nation, there is still more room to grow. As the economy rises, the logistics and transport industries thrive with it. There’s also a continuous demand in manufacturing and distributing goods. Consequently, the need to move these items continues to increase.

It is worth noting that the geographic layout of the Philippines is quite complex. There are thousands of islands connected through hundreds of links. Needless to say, this country is one massive archipelago. Moreover, the trucking sector plays an essential role in the supply chain process. It is not surprising to learn that many Filipinos are eager to know how to buy a vehicle from a Japan car auction. After all, the Philippines is a large importer of used trucks and cars from Japan and Korea.

In this article, we will discuss three of the most popular trucks exported from Japan to the Philippines. So, if you are thinking about importing a truck to the Philippines from a Japan car auction, take a look at our list to see which one suits your needs.

Isuzu Giga

Also referred to as the Isuzu C/E-Series, the Isuzu Giga is a line of heavy-duty trucks built for industrial use. As its name suggests, Giga is massive in size. It is exclusive to Isuzu, but depending on the market, it is sometimes sold under the Chevrolet brand. The range includes 18 different models, each designed to suit a specific commercial application. It is widely known for its rugged durability, innovative design, and proven performance.

Recent releases which range from 340hp upwards were engineered with low emission engines and more features for safety and comfort. The Giga has been redesigned to fit the changing needs of Isuzu’s customers. The engines feature upgraded internal parts, an intercooled turbocharger and advanced overhead camshaft design. As such, you can expect a great improvement in torque and power.

Isuzu Forward

A mid-sized truck manufactured and distributed by Isuzu, the Forward was designed to provide optimum travelling comfort. It was introduced to markets outside Japan as the F series of Isuzu and the T series of Chevrolet. It has a great potential in becoming a global standard model in its class. You can find the Isuzu Forward in three variations – the F-cargo, F-cargo cool, and the Forward CNG. Here are the details:

  • F-cargo—This line includes both the dry van and wing.
  • F-cargo cool—This is mostly used as a refrigerator truck.
  • Forward CNG—This is the eco-friendly line of the Isuzu Forward.

It is worth noting that the Forward is one of the commercial grade trucks used for rear line duties by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. In the United States, its primary competitors are the Chevrolet W-Series, Bering MD, Mitsubishi Fuso FK, and the GMC W-Series. In the Philippines, it is widely used for small to medium-sized businesses for transporting their goods to their customers.

Suzuki Carry

Across the Philippines, the Suzuki Carry serve as the backbone of many small and big businesses, as well as different communities. It is perfect as a mini-hauler, but it is more popular as a utility vehicle. There is a variant that can carry up to twelve passengers, and it is the more widely distributed across the country. The UV variant has a new turbodiesel engine that can provide impressive fuel economy. It is only 3.7 meters long, but it can perform efficiently for its intended purpose. In a way, it is like a miniature L300.
So, are you ready to import a used Japanese truck to the Philippines? Contact today for details!

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