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Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is very popular all over the world! What are the reasons?

Canter is a small-sized truck manufactured and sold by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Company (referred to as Mitsubishi Fuso). It was launched in 1963 as a cab-over type 2-ton small-sized truck and has a history of more than 50 years.

The characteristic of mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is that full and minor model changes are made frequently, where it is generally said that model changes are infrequent in the truck industry. It is one of the reasons why it has been gaining popularity for a long time because it has been improving and evolving from the user’s perspective.

No other model of the mitsubishi Fuso brand is sold in Europe. That is why it is gaining popularity all over the world, such as in Asia and North America.

It is also relevant that Mitsubishi Fuso is a consolidated subsidiary of the German automobile company Daimler. Both Japan and Germany boast overwhelming reliability in car making. mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is a small-sized truck with high reliability and excellent cost performance of both Japanese and German car making.

There are many variations and types of bodies since it has had model changes frequently. It has good fuel efficiency and, depending on the model, is equipped with its own safety device and environmentally friendly.

Canter is a variety of small-sized trucks that can be used in a variety of applications. We will introduce how it is actually used!

Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is used like this!

The common features of all mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap are as follows.

  • The engine that achieves low fuel consumption and cleaning performance
  • Equipped with BlueTec® technology with environmental performance in consideration of environment such as reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improve overall safety by installing a lane departure warning device

A wide variety of models and bodies are available for different applications. Let’s look at the specifications of the current model (2019 model) in order.

Cargo / Double cab flat body

A type with a versatile flat truck (for any use).

The driver’s seat (cab type) is a single cab (capacity: 3 people), a double cab (capacity: 6 to 7 people), and You can choose the width of the truck bed is from a standard cab (1,695 to 1,930 mm width) and a wide cab (2,040 to 2,220 mm width).

There are five types of truck bed lengths: standard, semi-long, long, extra-long, and super extra-long. The type of truck bed can be selected from the two types of low floor and high floor at the height from the ground.

There are two grades: the standard grade Standard and the advanced grade that adds special CUSTOM (optional) equipment to the standard.

Dry van (Reefer van / Refrigerated van)

The van body is a type in which the truck bed is made of aluminum box. With a truck bed, you can protect your luggage without exposing it to the weather compared to a flat body. The most common truck shape.

Heat-insulated is equipped on the truck bed of reefer vans to reduce the effects of outside air. Used for luggage that needs to be transported at low temperatures. A truck with a cooler and refrigeration unit is called a refrigerated vehicle. Useful to transport frozen and fresh foods.

mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap aluminum corrugated vans and aluminum flat vans have a sealed structure that uses a single-panel aluminum panel for the roof. Aluminum corrugated van adopts JIS special grade aluminum panel.

You can choose from the following types depending on the type of luggage you want to carry.

  • Reefer van: Insulated structure is adapted to maintain the initial temperature of the cargo, no refrigerator is loaded
  • Refrigerated van: Equipped with a freezer in the refrigerated van, and it can control the temperature up to 0 ° C
  • Freezer vans: The insulation of the refrigerated vans is made even thicker, allowing temperature control down to -20 ° C

There is also an economy type dry pack that installed popular equipment. The side of the truck can be fully opened like a wing, and the optional setting of D WING, a wing-body that is convenient for unloading, is also available.


Despite being a small-sized truck, Canter EX has achieved a maximum loading capacity of 4.45 tons (ultra-long body, flat body). Generally, a truck with a loading capacity of 4 tons class is called a medium-sized truck, and it can carry a lot of luggage, but the weight will inevitably increase. While utilizing the lightness of a small-sized truck, the load capacity was increased and consequently, efficiency was also improved. The lineup includes flat body D WING, cranes, aluminum corrugates, vans, and freezer vans.


A convenient dump truck that can incline the truck bed and unload the cargoes at one time. There are many types of canter dump trucks with many options.

The standard cab uses a 3.2-meter thick deck panel and has light mobility. You can choose the type of support from the low floor or the high floor, with or without a column to support the flame to prevent falling.

  • Reinforced dumps: Equipped with a 6mm thick deck panel to enhance the truck bed. A truck that can handle severe tasks.
  • Multi-purpose reinforced dumps: only with total low floors. You can choose from with or without support columns.
  • Ultra- reinforced dumps: Equipped with a super-reinforced 9mm thick deck panel. You can choose either a total low floor or a high floor.
  • 4WD dumps (standard, reinforced [with support columns]): This is a dump truck equipped with full-time 4WD and also has horsepower.

In addition, there are useful options that can be selected according to the purpose, such as a reinforced dump with an interlocking rear gate that fully opens the rear gate, a ship’s bottom-shaped reinforced dump that can transport wet gravel and clay, a widened reinforced dump with a truck bed width of 1,750 mm, etc.

Car carrier

A car carrier is a truck for transporting vehicles. The lineup of mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is as follows.

  • S-RIDE: The angle of inclination can be freely adjusted from about 2 degrees to about 10 degrees. Work can be done smoothly with a single-cylinder body incline mechanism.
  • Super Self Loader: Body length is top class. The inclination angle is 10.5 degrees or more.

These two bodyworks are done by Tadano. In addition, the following two are made by Unic.

  • Canter Neo Five: The feature is that the inclination angle of the body becomes 5.8 degrees or more.
  • Carrier: The incline angle is 8 degree. Speedy work can be performed at a loading speed of 24 seconds.

As described, Mitsubishi Cancer has a truly diverse lineup to meet user needs. There are various combinations such as car models, body types, and power depending on the usage. Dump and cargo (flat body) are particularly popular among the constantly evolving Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap, equipped with the latest technology. We’ll explain why these two models are so popular later!

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