How to find out the model code of the car!

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How to refer to the model code??

This time we will answer that question!

If you understand how to read the model code of Cheap Japanese used import car, there is no doubt that it will be extremely useful when importing and searching for used cars online!

 There are two ways to find out the model code of the Japanese used car!

The answer is to look at the “Automobile inspection certificate “ or “Vin number plate”.

Now let’s take a look.

1.First, check the Automobile inspection certificate/Export Declaration for the japanese used car!!

The model code can be found in a minute by looking at the Automobile inspection certificate/Export Declaration.

On the left side of the 4th row from the top, there is a column stated, “Model code”. Please check it. The model code is written in alphabets and numbers.

Similarly, there is a “Model code designation number” column on the right side of the 4th row, and this is a little different from what you need to know. Please be careful.

2.The model code of japanese used car can be found on vin number plates

If you look at the vin number plate, it states “MODEL”. That is the model code.

In addition, the engine, engine displacement, and color, etc. are written, so it can be said that it is almost like a car manual. It doesn’t come off easily, so it may be useful to keep it in the image.

A vin number plate is a metal plate that describes the car body number and model code. The size is about 5 cm x 10 cm and installed inside the engine room and doors.

If you can’t check the automobile inspection certificate right away, look for a vin number plate, The location will depend on the car.

If you do not know the location of a vin number plate, please contact! A professional staff with a wealth of experience will solve the issue!


What is the car model code for?

The model code is to identify the manufacturer, car name, body shape, engine type, and displacement, etc.! At first glance, the model code looks like a series of letters and numbers. To be honest, it’s unclear what is it for?

Let’s solve the mystery here!

Divided into two parts

  • The first half: the part decided by the country
    The first half is designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in accordance with the Japanese law called the Road Transport Vehicle Act, which is related to vehicles. It is a classification index given to vehicles with the same performance, structure, and equipment, etc., and has an identification symbol that complies with emission constraints.
  • The latter half: the part decided by the manufacturer
    The latter half is decided by the manufacturer, the displayed contents are different. In most cases, it is difficult to understand if you do not have much knowledge.

Often used by car enthusiasts

The model code is often used by car enthusiasts rather than the car name. Why? It’s easy to find out the specifications, grades, and generations of the model. Especially when referring to a car with a long history, it seems convenient to use the model code to know which car it is.

Honda’s Civic has a VTEC engine since the 4th generation and is very popular. It is called “EF”. The 5th generation has “EG”, and the 6th generation has “EK”. However, from the 7th generation, the model code was divided into body types, so it is often referred by the type such as “ES sedan” and “EP3 type R”. The 8th generation is called “FD Civic” or “FD2”.

The Japanese car, Toyota’s MR2, which was born in 1984 had “AW” as the first generation and “SW” as the second generation. Most people don’t know about this especially when they are not interested in cars, but it seems to be common among car enthusiasts.

Understand the meaning of the model code

So, what exactly does the model code of the Japanese used car mean?

Model code configuration

The model code is usually displayed as “OOO -XXXXX”. The circled part is the identification number that complies with the emission constraint specified by the country, and the x part is the manufacturer’s own model code.

What is the identification number for compliance with exhaust gas regulations?

The identification number for compliance with emission constraint is displayed in a 3-digit alphabet. As an example, the following information is listed:

  1. ABA Compliance with 2005 regulations
  2. AAA Hybrid car that complies with 2005 regulations
  3. CBA 50% reduction level of 2005 standard exhaust gas
  4. DBA 75% reduction level of 2005 standard exhaust gas
  5. CAA 50% reduction level of Hybrid car with 2005 standard exhaust gas
  6. DAA 75% reduction level of Hybrid car with 2005 standard exhaust gas

The first digit is the emission regulation year and low-emission certification. The second digit is to find out the fuel classification whether it is a hybrid or other fuel classification. The identification number is determined in the third digit according to the purpose and weight conditions.

For example, A in the first digit indicates “no low-emission certification under the 2005 regulations”. A in the second digit suggests “gasoline or LPG but both have to be a hybrid car,” and A in the third digit indicates “passenger car, other than diesel regulated in 2005.”

In this way, the letters from A to Z (some of which are not used) have their respective meanings and are used as identification symbols.

The part decided by the manufacturer

Although it is the latter half of the model code, which is determined by the manufacturer, the display is different for each manufacturer. Therefore, there is no rule like the identification number that complies with the emission regulations in the first half.

It usually describes the manufacturer, car name, engine type, model code, body shape, drive model code, etc. In many cases, this part has not been published, so if you want to know it, please contact us.

What can you find out by looking at the model code?

By looking at the model code, you will find out the emission gas and what kind of car it is.

However, if you want to know what kind of car it is, you may need to contact the manufacturer.

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