Online car buying – check the condition sheet

Can you buy a car online?

It is very important to check the condition of the car!

Hi everyone, this is

We operate,, where you can buy a car with one click safely,

with the slogan “High-quality Japanese products to the world. Creating a global marketplace for cars”!

Professional staff buys cheap cars from over 100 used car auctions in Japan that only business operators can join, and based on marketing research to each country, we will deliver a car to our customers at a reasonable price.

What we regard as the most important point is the quality of a car.

When purchasing a used car, we will not forget to check the condition as well as the auction sheet.

Of course, even after purchasing and reaching our yard, we check the condition with such a sheet.


Inspection items are as follows:

For example, regarding Engine, is there any Unusual noise, is there vibration, is there white smoke or black smoke?

By checking these, we try to let a buyer shop safely.

Please compare the quality of our cars with other companies.

We look forward to receiving your order!!

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