This is How Hybrid Car Batteries Work

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Technology has surely gone a very long way, especially when it comes to cars. A few years ago, cars can only run on gasoline. However today, with technological advancements, car manufacturers have found a way to make their own cars run on hybrid batteries alone.

What is a Hybrid Car and Hybrid Battery?

Hybrid batteries are almost the same as any type of battery. The only difference is that they can be recharged and are huge and strong enough to make a car go for a few feet or even a few miles.

For every hybrid vehicle, there are two known motor engines: one is the conventional engine, while the other is an electric engine. One of the questions you might be asking is, “How long do car batteries last?” While they do not last as long as regular car batteries, hybrid batteries can last for a very long time—possibly as long as your car is still moving and working. You have to make sure to take care of it to make sure that you get the most out of your hybrid batteries.

Now, you might ask how long do car batteries last. Well, another great thing about hybrid batteries is that you do not need to stop and charge your car for a very long time. Cars that are equipped with hybrid batteries continually charge themselves as long as the car is moving.

Which Cars are Equipped with Hybrid Batteries?

Some of the cars today that are equipped with hybrid batteries include the following:

Toyota Highlander

Toyota used a nickel metal hydride battery to run their hybrid cars. It is packaged in a newly-developed metal battery casing and its batteries can deliver an amazing 288 volts. Another great thing to note is that the Toyota Highlander has its own monitoring and cooling control system. The cooling can help with keeping the car moving even during extreme heat. You can find the batteries under the rear seats.

Ford Escape

One of the most popular Ford models, the Ford Escape, now comes with a pack of hybrid batteries plus 250 individual nickel metal hydride cells. The cells are then wrapped and welded all in one to create a group of five, which forms a module. All in all, the Ford Escape’s battery pack contains 50 modules.

Honda Insight

The Honda Insight’s battery pack consists of a total of 144 volts. The batteries can be found under the car’s cargo compartment floor. The makers of Honda used a special technology developed for the EV plus electric car for them to be able to originally develop the Honda Insight’s battery system.

Saturn Vue

This car’s nickel metal hydride battery is made and designed by Cobasys in the United States. It can deliver and receive up to 14.5 kW of peak power, which is a huge advantage when it comes to hybrid cars. The hybrid system works to give charging power to the battery pack. The battery pack can be found under the car’s cargo area.

What is the future of Hybrid Cars?

The future is very bright for hybrid cars. People tend to be more conscious when it comes to the environment and they would do anything to contribute to Mother Nature. Hybrid cars are also gaining popularity due to lesser costs and easier maintenance.

Hybrid car batteries are also very durable and you can basically find them at your car manufacturer’s battery store. A lot of manufacturers and brands have a warranty when it comes to hybrid batteries though, so make sure to ask them about it whenever you are having troubles with your own hybrid batteries.

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