Which one is better? There are two transport methods to export used cars!

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The two ways are “RORO ships” and “container ships”!

When exporting used cars, you have two options to transport such as “RORO ship” or “container ship”.
RORO ships and container ships have completely different shipping methods, but it is necessary to select the most suitable transportation method considering where and how many used cars are to be transported and cost, etc.

What is the reason for its overwhelming popularity of “RORO ship!”?

The reason for its popularity is the quickness of cargo handling!

The reason why RORO ships are selected for exporting used cars is that they are faster, easier, and safer to handle compared to container ships that use forklifts to load cargo.
A car carrier specializing in car transportation is called a roll-on/roll-off ship, which means that a car can get on and off the ship by self-propelled, commonly known as a RORO ship.
Unlike loading and transporting containers, the feature is that a car can be self-propelled and loaded directly onto the ship.

Among RORO ships, it is a ship that was developed in consideration of transporting more vehicles in a short time and called Pure Car Carrier, commonly known by PCC.
Unless there is no special reason, RORO ships are generally used to export to countries that have a port for RORO ships.

transport for used cars roro

Transport by a container ship is also possible! What is a container ship?

Go to a port by container ships where RORO ships do not call! If the car is a limited model, you may want to use a container as it can reduce risks!

Although many used cars are generally shipped by RORO ships as described above, there are used car export destinations where container ships call, RORO ships do not.
In such cases, you can choose a container ship as a means of transportation.
There are two standard sizes of container, 20ft container and 40ft container.
RORO ships are transported one at a time, whereas container ships can load 3 to 4 cars and transport a group of cars at a time, so it is necessary to proceed with business while communicating with export partners.

Also, as an advantage of container transportation, it is possible to suppress the risk of being stolen or scratched during transportation, so container transportation may be better for transportation of special vehicles such as limited vehicles of luxury vehicles.

transport for used cars containerkeep it in mind that there are other means of transportation!

It is also possible to transport used cars on the return route of ships that have finished transporting timber, etc., instead of cars and containers.

There are transportation methods other than the above two, so please choose the most suitable method!



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