Easy Steps on Driving a Manual Car

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While more modern vehicles have an automatic transmission, we cannot discount the advantages and control that manual cars can give. The common worry of people with manual vehicles is overworking the clutch in a stop-and-go traffic. However, with proper handling techniques, you will be able to keep your clutch in good condition.
Here at Carused.jp, we feature a wide array of automatic, semi-automatic and manual vehicles. There are many good reasons why you should buy a manual car. That is why it would pay if you learn how to drive one.

Manual Transmission Pros

  • Cars with manual transmission typically offer better gas mileage
  • Often, repair costs are lower
  • Manual cars are relatively more affordable

Manual Transmission Cons

  • Learning to drive it can be a bit more complicated
  • Driving it in certain terrains can be more difficult
  • Longer drives may put a strain on your left leg due to the heavy clutch pedal feedback

How to Drive a Manual Car

It is true that learning how to drive a semi-automatic vehicle is easier. However, once you’ve mastered the techniques and steps on driving a manual car, you will find that the benefits of using one can be quite enjoyable. Here are the steps to driving a car with manual transmission:

Starting your Vehicle

  1. Use your left foot to press down the clutch pedal.
  2. Use your right foot to step on the brake.
  3. Make sure that the gear shifter is in the neutral position then release the emergency brake.
  4. The car will start once you turn the key in the ignition.

Shifting to First Gear

  1. Keep your right foot on the brake and your left foot on the clutch.
  2. Move the gear stick to the left and up to shift to the first gear.
  3. Once you’ve placed the car in first car, you can release the brake.

Driving Forward

  1. Make sure that your right foot is hovering over the gas pedal.
  2. Slowly lift your left foot off clutch while using your right foot to step down on the gas pedal. This process called ‘slipping the clutch’ should be smooth and gradual. It may take some practice and you may stall or lurch forward as you learn.
  3. Lift your left foot off the clutch and drive forward until the tachometer tells you to shift gears.

Stopping the Car

Compared to an automatic vehicle, it may be a bit more difficult to stop a manual car. To keep the car from stalling, you would have to depress the clutch. Here are the instructions to help you avoid without stalling:

  1. Lift your right foot off the gas pedal.
  2. Use your left foot to press the clutch all the way down to the floor.
  3. Use your right foot to depress the brake pedal. Make sure you have the clutch all the way down before you step on the brake.
  4. Before lifting your foot off the clutch, make sure you move the gear stick into neutral. Wait for your vehicle to stop.

While there are more techniques to ensuring that you drive your manual vehicle smoothly, we’ve laid out all the basic instructions you would need for a safe drive. Through consistent practice, you will be able to drive your manual car with ease in no time.

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