Dar Es Salaam: The Main City for Car Importation in East Africa

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Japan has undeniably become one of the top sources of both used and new vehicles around the world. Tanzania, a country in East Africa, is among the most prominent importers of Japanese used cars. Moreover, a huge percentage of these vehicles are transported to Dar es Salaam.

If you’re from Tanzania and you’re planning to import a Japanese used car, this article is for you. We’re going to discuss some of the most important details you need to know when you are purchasing a Japanese car and having it go through Dar es Salaam.

Dar es Salaam: From Fishing Village to East Africa’s Center for Car Importation

Dar es Salaam used to be a sleepy fishing village for the Zaramo. Over the last century, the world has seen its growth into a thriving city inhabited by over four million people. Strategically situated along some of the most vital sea routes in the world, Dar es Salaam has become one of the busiest ports of East Africa and the most important commercial hub in Tanzania.

Tanzanians and Used Japanese Cars

In our observation, Tanzanians have a great eye for choosing vehicles that would bring them the best value for their money. As such, they always prefer purchasing long-lasting, durable and economically efficient vehicles. If you are a Tanzanian who is thinking about importing a used Japanese car to your country, do not worry because we are here to help you. At Carused.jp, we can provide you with high-quality cars while offering you reliable shipping methods and assisting you with the importation process.

Importing a Used Japanese Car to Dar es Salaam

When you import a car from Japan and into Tanzania, it will go through Dar es Salaam’s maritime port. Generally speaking, there is no limit on the age of the used cars you can import to your country. However, it is important to note that the taxation will depend on the vehicle’s age. This means that cars older than ten years may levy higher fees.

Taxation for Used Japanese Vehicles in Dar es Salaam

Buses, passenger vans, and pickup trucks incur 15% import duty, 18% VAT, and 0% excise tax. Vehicles with an engine capacity ranging from 0 to 1000cc will have a 25% import duty, 18% VAT, and 0% excise tax.

Vehicles with an engine capacity ranging from 1001cc to 2000cc will have a 25% import tax, 18% VAT, and 5% excise duty. Non-utility vehicles with engine capacities exceeding 2000cc incur a 25% import duty, 18% VAT, and 10% excise tax. You can also consult our detailed guide on calculating Tanzanian import tax for more information.

Documentations for Importing Used Cars in Dar es Salaam

When you turn to Carused.jp, we will help you throughout the process. Once you’ve chosen the vehicle you like, we will let you choose your preferred shipping method. Your vehicle will arrive at the maritime port of Dar es Salaam. However, before you claim your car, you have to submit some required documents. Port authorities need these files before they clear your vehicle for pickup. In general, here are the documents they will ask from you:

      Registration and Title
      Bill of Lading
      Purchase/Commercial Invoice
      Taxpayer Identifier Number Certificate (TIN)
      International Insurance Policy
      Driver’s License

Import a Used Japanese Car to Dar es Salaam Today!

If you’re ready to purchase your used vehicle, do not hesitate to contact Carused.jp. We have an extensive experience in exporting cars to Dar es Salaam and other parts of Africa. Needless to say, we will make the process convenient and smooth for you.

Contact us now for your inquiries!

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