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Where to buy canter-truck-cheap, How to avoid being deceived again?

Japanese trucks, such as mitsubishi fuso canter trucks, are popular overseas due to their good quality and durability, but the price of purchasing new and used cars overseas is often high.

Therefore, by importing Japanese canter trucks by yourself, you can avoid paying unnecessary expenses such as the middle margin, so you can buy trucks cheaply. When importing a Japanese canter truck, where can you buy it cheap and not be deceived?

This time, we will show you how to buy a canter truck cheaply and how to choose a trustworthy company that you will not be deceived.

Where to buy canter truck cheaply?

There are four main ways to get a Japanese truck: buying a new car, renting a lease, purchasing at a used car dealer overseas, and importing personally.

So how much does each cost? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Buy a new car

    New Japanese trucks are sold with a combination of a cabin in the driver’s seat and a chassis as a base for loading cargo. However, if you do not load the cargo box called the wing on the chassis, you cannot carry the cargo with it. In other words, even if you purchase a new truck, you cannot carry most of the cargo.

    The type of chassis varies depending on the application, for example, chassis with a refrigerator or box, and the price also differs. For example, if you buy a popular 2t car overseas as a new car, it will be about 3.5 to 4 million yen, and if it is a 4t car, it will be around 10 million yen, which is quite expensive.

  2. Rent a lease

    In Japan, you can rent a flat body of a 2-ton car with a lease from 30,000 yen per month, but for those who are considering purchasing a truck, few people need a truck in a short term on a monthly basis. It will be a long time if you are renting it with a lease, so it will cost 360,000 yen in one year and 720,000 yen in two years.

    Also, in addition to the truck lease price, you will also need to pay monthly premiums and other expenses, so you will need to pay higher than the amount introduced above.

  3. Buying a used car

    Buying a used truck is cheaper if you use the truck for a long time or use it for business purposes. However, when buying a used car at a used car dealer, it is often sold at the same price as buying a new car due to the additional cost of intermediate margins and import expenses.

  4. Import directly from Japan

    So how can you buy Japanese trucks cheaply? You need to import Japanese trucks directly.

    You can get Japanese trucks in the cheapest way, as importing used cars from abroad directly does not require any additional intermediate margins or other costs compared to buying a used car from a dealer abroad.

Where is the safe place to buy a truck without being deceived?

There are two methods for importing Japanese canter trucks from Japan to overseas: “CtoC trading”, which involves buying and selling trucks between individuals, and “BtoC trading,” where companies conduct business with individuals.

But did you know that there are unexpected risks in these two?

Here we introduce the risks of CtoC and BtoC trading, and how to select a reliable company.

CtoC trading are easy to be deceived.

Many problems tend to occur in CtoC trading, which has become a problem overseas.

CtoC trading are often conducted through auction sites, and the purchase is completed by the individual purchasing the product exhibited by the individual.

However, since they are exhibited by individuals, there is a risk of trouble such as the following as a case of trucks.

  • The seller cannot explain the vehicle condition in detail because it is not maintained by themselves
  • No maintenance has been conducted
  • Unknown how trucks have been used
  • You were offered a price higher than the market price
  • You didn’t receive the truck even though you paid money, etc.

There are such troubles occurs, and also data shows that 70% of Japanese do not buy expensive products such as cars by CtoC trading.

Because of such high risk, we do not recommend buying used trucks through CtoC trading, no matter how much the truck has been used.

How about BtoC trading?

If CtoC trading are risky, what about BtoC trading where you buy used trucks from professionals who sell used cars especially?

The risk of being deceived in BtoC trading cannot be avoided, and one of the most common ways is to sell a truck that actually has a long millage but alter the meter as if the truck has been driven only a short distance close to a new car.

In recent years, most of the Japanese customers have become aware of tampering a meter. There are some used car dealers who do not alter excessively but just change the meter to a little shorter and tell a customer that “you can drive it for long years”.

Therefore, even B2C trading purchased from professionals cannot eliminate the risk of being deceived.

How to choose a reliable company

In Japan, there is a “Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association JUMVEA”, a union that prevents illegal transactions such as stolen and modified cars so that Japanese cars can be exported safely.

In order to join JUMVEA, the directors of JUMVEA always meet with representatives of used car dealers and exporters and conduct a strict inspection that can be done only after meeting in person.

Therefore, if you want to import a Japanese canter truck, be sure to purchase from a reliable company such as a company that is a member of this JUMVEA, or a company that has been exporting used cars for more than 5 years.

How to import trucks

2t and 4t trucks are popular overseas, and many people want to import strong and high-quality Japanese trucks from overseas.

However, when importing Japanese trucks by themselves, there is a high probability that they will encounter troubles such as “the condition of truck was worse than what was explained”, “I paid but I did not receive a truck”, etc., so you should buy and import trucks from a reliable supplier to avoid any troubles.

Therefore, this time we will introduce four steps to import trucks from Japan to overseas, such as overseas EC sites.

Popular Japanese trucks overseas

2 ton and 4-ton trucks are very popular overseas because they can make quick turns than bigger ones. Trucks with a refrigerated, crane, and flat bodies are gathering attention.

These trucks cost about 10 million yen for a 4t truck if bought as a new car, and it is also necessary to have a box called wing on the chassis part on which the loading platform is mounted in addition to the truck body, so crane trucks and refrigerated trucks may cost more.

In order to buy popular Japanese trucks overseas at a low price, importing them directly from Japan to your country allows you to buy trucks cheaper than purchasing them at new or through used car dealers overseas.

How to import trucks from Japan

Japanese trucks are popular overseas because they are of good quality and last a long time, but as mentioned earlier, purchasing new cars requires high costs.

Therefore, by importing Japanese trucks from overseas e-commerce sites, you can easily buy Japanese trucks by yourself.

Here are four steps to import Japanese trucks.

  1. Find a car
    In order to get used Japanese trucks, find the truck you want from the website of the overseas EC site.When searching, Manufacturer names; canter truck cheap and dyna truck, Desired engine type; 4d33 or 4d32, desired size; 2ton truck, 4ton truck, 3ton truck, By searching for options such as engine capacity and body style; flat body, dump truck, crane truck, mixer truck, van truck, etc., you can quickly find the truck cheap you want.Besides searching, you can also download the catalog provided by the importer and find the truck you want. Once you find the car you want, use the estimate function to see the total cost, including the shipping cost from Japan to your country.
  2. Make a payment from your invoice
    When purchasing the truck that you want, an invoice for a used car will be issued from the truck inventory. When the invoice is issued, you will receive an invoice within 24 hours at your email address.The time period for invoice payment varies depending on the overseas EC site, but generally, it is required to pay within 48 hours (within 2 days) after issuing the invoice.If the payment is overdue, you may not be able to get the truck as the order itself might be canceled.The payment method of the bill can be paid using the bank transfer TT payment, and the truck can be kept by sending tt copy.
  3. Transport a truck to the designated port
    After payment is completed, the departure procedure for the truck will take about two weeks.The time required for the truck to arrive varies depending on the route, for example, about 25 days for German, Bremerhaven. It can be transported in about 30 days for Dubai in the Middle East and about 30 days for African, Tanzania, dar es salaam and Kenya, Mombasa.

CountriesEstimated shipping period
South America Chili iquequeAbout 30 days
Asia  Sri Lanka hambantotaAbout 15 days
Caribbean bahamaAbout 50 days
Africa Tanzania dar es salaamAbout 35 days
Africa  Kenia  mombasaAbout 35 days
Oceania AustraliaAbout 30 days
Oceania New ZealandAbout 20 days
  1. Receive the car
    About one week after departure, the documents required for truck delivery will be sent to your address. Also, it takes about 5 days to receive documents by international mail such as DHL. In the documents delivered to your address, you will have all the necessary documents to clear the customs.Fill out the form, bring the form, and go to the port to pick up your truck.If you can’t get the truck to the port, you can arrange a local carrier to deliver it to your home. Some importers may introduce you to a carrier, so if you can’t get the car to the port by yourself, please contact them.Once you receive your truck, you need to do a vehicle registration in your country.You must pay import taxes and other expenses before registering your truck, so you need to pay that immediately.

If you want to import trucks, use a safe site!

Trucks, unlike ordinary cars, are difficult to maintain after importing, so it is necessary to import trucks of good quality.

When importing by individuals, it creates some chances to be deceived. “It was worse than the condition of the truck that I was explained” or “the truck did not arrive even though I paid, so you need to ask a trusted importer to purchase the truck.

Let’s choose an EC site or a company with a lot of experience, such as many transactions. And they can deal with many different languages and can carefully explain the condition of the truck.

The diagnosis of the truck model according to customers

There are various types of trucks in Japan, such as dump trucks and refrigerated trucks. We choose the track that suits us based on the type and size. What are the characteristics of the size and type of the track?

This time we will introduce the truck you should buy based on the size and type of truck.

Size of truck

Trucks that are used for transporting various items vary in size from 1 to 10 tons depending on the type, quantity, and size of cargo.

There are two types of trucks in Japan, one in which the size is determined based on the “Road Transport Vehicle Act”, and the other in which the size is determined by the manufacturing company that manufactures and sells the trucks.

According to the Road Transport Vehicle Act, trucks are classified according to the maximum load capacity and maximum gross weight according to the manufacturer’s decision. They are classified based on the standard load capacity.

From here, we will introduce the characteristics of each Japanese truck based on the vehicle dimensions, truck bed dimensions and maximum loading capacity of light trucks, medium trucks, and heavy trucks.

1. Light trucks

Vehicle dimensionsWidth 1.7m

Length 4.3m

Width 1.7m

Length 4.7m

Truck bed dimensionsWidth 1.6m

Length 2.5m

Width 1.6m

Length 3.1m

Maximum loading capacityLess than 2t2.0~2.9t

1t trucks and 2t trucks are called “light trucks”, 1t trucks are driven by ordinary motor vehicle licenses, and 2t trucks are driven with semi-Medium vehicle licenses in Japan.

In addition to transporting cargoes, these trucks are often used for transporting construction materials and tools to the construction site and for local delivery and private use.

2. Medium trucks

Vehicle dimensionsWidth 1.7m

Length 4.7m

Width 2.2m

Length 7.6m

Width 2.4m

Length 7.6m

Width 2.5m

Length 7.7m

Width 2.3m

Length 7.2m

Truck bed dimensionsWidth 1.6m

Length 3.1m

Width 2.1m

Length 5.0m

Width 2.2m

Length 5.2m

Width 2.3m

Length 5.7m

Width 2.2m

Length 5.3m

Maximum loading capacityLess than 3tLess than 4tLess than 5tLess than 6tLess than 8t

3-8t trucks are called “medium trucks” in Japan, and you cannot drive without medium vehicle licenses.

Since 3t and 4t trucks are categorized as small trucks among medium-sized trucks, they are used in various industries such as transportation, construction, and food and has high versatility.

5t, 6t, and 8t trucks are not much different from 4t trucks in appearance, but they have a tight turning circle than large trucks and have a larger loading capacity and lower vehicle prices.

6t trucks are used for various purposes such as mixer trucks, dump trucks, and trucks with cranes.

3. Large trucks

Vehicle dimensionsWidth 2.5m

Length 12m

Truck bed dimensionsWidth 2.5m

Length 9.5m

Maximum loading capacity6.5~13.0t

“Large trucks”, which are often used for medium to long-distance transportation in Japan and for a wide range of purposes, from miscellaneous goods with a wide loading capacity.

Among 10t trucks, trucks in which bed tanks are functioned as loading platforms, are used to carry gasoline and kerosene.


Type of trucks

It turned out that the maximum loading capacity and the intended use differ depending on the size of the truck, but among them, the popular trucks overseas are refrigerated trucks, crane trucks, dump trucks, and flat bodies, and all trucks are often used in Japan.

Here are the types and characteristics of popular trucks overseas.

  1. Frozen / refrigerated tucks
    Refrigerated trucks, which are called aluminum vans with a heat-insulating material, are equipped with a cooling device on a truck bed.It can be divided into three types: low-temperature refrigerator trucks, medium-temperature refrigerator trucks, and refrigerated trucks. By setting the cooling system to a higher temperature, it can be used as a refrigerated truck.
  2. Crane trucks
    The biggest advantage of the “crane trucks (UNIC crane truck)” which has a crane on the truck bed is that the loading and unloading work can be carried out by a crane equipped. The efficiency of loading and unloading cargoes is greatly improved, and heavy loads can be unloaded quickly.There are two types of crane trucks: “front storage” that stores the mounted cranes in front of the cabin, and “rear storage” that stores at the top of the loading platform.
  3. Dump trucks
    A dump truck has a meaning of “to take things down at once” is a truck that can lift a truck bed and let the load run down.In general, there are many rear dumps that dump to the rear of the truck and unload the cargo, there are many types of dumps, such as a side dump that can be lowered to the side, and a three-way dump truck that can be lowered left and right and backward. So, you need to choose by the purpose and use scenes.
  4. Flat body
    The roots of trucks are “flat body” trucks, which have high loading and unloading efficiency due to the exposed truck bed.This is the most orthodox truck and is used in Japan to carry various cargoes such as building materials.

How to buy a Japanese truck?

The recommended way to buy Japanese trucks from abroad is to buy them through a car auction.

However, Japanese car auctions cannot be participated unless you have special qualifications, so by having a car auction agent such as an overseas EC site help you, you can participate in car auctions from overseas and purchase Japanese trucks that you want

Trucks are difficult to maintain, unlike regular cars, so when choosing an auction agent you need to find and ask a trusted company. is an auction agency registered in all the auctions that are few in Japan and deals with various languages.

Let’s use when you are going to buy Japanese trucks!

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