Vans that Have Moved the World of Celebrities

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Celebrity vehicles are just like any other cars. The only difference is a celebrity owns them and we all know how interesting their lives can be. This is also the reason why we are curious to know what they drive. There’s just something fascinating and awe-inspiring about the items that these celebrities own. This is why we’ve compiled a list of celebrities who prefer to drive or ride a van. It is also worth noting that celebrity cars sell big dollars in auctions! Who knows… you might own one of these vans someday!

Dave Grohl – 1965 V8 Ford Falcon

In 2011, Dave Grohl approached King T’s Kustoms to customise a van for him. He wanted to have something reliable that he can use to take his family on long drives. Grohl initially did not have any particular brand in mind. However, he was ecstatic when King T’s Kustoms chose Ford Falcon for him. This model held a special in his heart as the first vehicle he bought when he first had money was a black 1963 Ford Falcon.

What’s even more surprising was what he discovered about his mother. When Grohl called his mom to tell the news, she mentioned that her first vehicle was also a Ford Falcon. Needless to say, this was the ideal van for Grohl. When it came to the build, he preferred a first generation that had a bone-stock appeal, but still looking brand new with lots of windows. As such, Grohl ended up with a stunning 1965 V8 Ford Falcon van.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

We all know that celebrities have all the money they need to buy anything they want. So, it is safe to assume that Beyoncé and Jay-Z can get any vehicle, no matter how expensive it may be. On the other hand, it still boils down to finding the right choice that fits their priorities. Would a Bentley or Rolls fit the bill? Well, if you put Blue Ivy in the picture, the answer is a hard ‘no.’ When it comes to their family, Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to roll around town with enough room for their babies.

This is also the reason why they chose a van—a Sprinter, to be exact. Made by Mercedes-Benz, Beyoncé and Jay-Z had this van modified and customized for around $1 million. It is also not surprising why the power couple loved this vehicle. After all, it is also popular among celebrities, well-heeled families, and business executives who are looking for something better than an average Chrysler Town & Country.

Kirk Cousins – GMC Savana

On the other side of the spectrum, there are celebrities who prefer to live a simple and frugal life. Take Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins as an example. For every season, he makes an average of $23.9 million. However, he still chose to drive a GMC Savana passenger van. He has all the money he needs to buy sports cars or yachts, but he still prefers reliable vans.
In a past interview, Cousins mentioned that he knew that he won’t be playing and earning big dollars forever. He also mentioned that despite making a good salary, he wanted to save every dollar he earns. According to Cousins, it is better to invest in appreciating assets rather than those that depreciate. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising to find him driving a used Japanese van!

Indeed, there are many good reasons why vans dominate roads and why they remain a popular choice among celebrities. On the other hand, you do not have to be rich and famous just to have a stunning vehicle. Why don’t you get a used Japanese van like the Toyota HiAce and customize it according to your preferences?
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