Alphard DBA-AGH30W which is very popular in Malaysia!

An in-depth explanation of features and lineup

Alphard is a world-famous Toyota minivan that is popular overseas.

The impressive front mask and headlamps represent a gorgeous exterior. It is also popular as a family car due to its excellent loading capacity and safety performance. Export demand is particularly high in Malaysia.

This time, we will introduce the features and lineup of Alphard AGH30W in detail. Examine what kind of car Alphard is and find the most suitable model.

What is Alphard AGH30W

Alphard is a minivan model developed and sold by Toyota.

The front grille and headlamps are dynamic and powerful, and they establish a strong presence of Alphard at a glance. The interior is a luxurious space and combining its exterior, they create a gorgeous car.

In addition to its popularity as a family car in Japan, export demand in Malaysia is also high. The used Alphard made in Japan is equipped with a 3-lens LED headlamp, MODELLISTA AERO, large monitor navigation, and electric opening/closing rear entertainment system that are not adapted in Malaysia’s Alphard, so that it is very popular in Malaysia.

Of course, not all Japanese Alphards are exported to Malaysia.

There are strict regulations, for example, the buyer needs to be licensed as an import buyer, and only new cars can be imported for one year to five years after the launch (59 months to be exact) to meet the import regulations.

It also means that only used cars with the good condition can be accepted.

Even in Japan, Alphard is a luxury car. Used cars, that had undergone the well-established inspection system of Japan and used in well-maintained roads in Japan, are imported to Malaysia.

So even after importing in Malaysia, the car is as clean as a brand new car that can be driven for many years.



Characteristics of Alphard

Alphard is one of the most popular models in Japan. Many great points can be found from this car as a reason for gaining its popularity. We will introduce the main features of Alphard.

Luxurious exterior and interior

The characteristic of Alphard is its dynamic and gorgeous exterior. The emblem shining front grille and three-lens headlamps are luxuriously designed to give a strong presence in the city.

The interior is also a luxurious space with a focus on texture. High-quality equipment such as woodgrain decoration and genuine leather seats make the car inside space for a driver to spend and relax in an interior space, unlike other vehicles.

Interior space with excellent comfort and loading capacity

The luxurious interior space does not have only the impression of luxury. The seats are made in a comfortable size so that you can sit back and relax. The seats have a wide range of arrangements, such as lowering the second-row seat to extend the legs and folding the second-row seat to make a large storage space. They are not only comfortable but also have excellent loading capacity.

Under-floor storage is also set in the luggage space. It has a more flexible luggage area and is easy to use when you want to load tall luggage.

Quiet and stable driving performance

Various features have been devised to maximize driving performance. By adopting the double-wishbone rear suspension, the rigidity of the car body is strengthened, and stable driving performance has realized.

It also has excellent quietness. The structure that separates the engine room and the interior to cut noise securely. Quiet and stable driving is one of the symbols of a luxury car.

Equipped with advanced safety performance

Common to all Toyota models are safety, which has received worldwide public recognition. Safety devices such as pre-crash safety and lane tracing assist will detect danger and prevent accidents. There are many other safety devices, so please check the following.

  • Intelligent clearance sonar
  • Intelligent parking assist
  • Radar cruise control
  • Adaptive high-beam system
  • Road sign assist
  • Rear cross traffic auto brake
  • Digital inner mirror
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Panoramic view monitor




Alphard AGH30W grade list

The 30-series model DBA-AGH30W imported to Malaysia is a comfortable vehicle of 4945 x 1850 x 1935 mm with 5 doors and 8 seats.

Especially popular grade, SC grade of SC package!

Alphard AGH30W is available in gasoline and hybrid vehicles, with a total of 17 grades. There are diverse lineups based on the “X” grade of the entry model. Let’s carefully check what kind of difference each grade has.

Grade X


The X grade is the base grade for Alphard standard body cars. Although grades with additional equipment or changes in specifications have been developed for X, it does not mean that the equipment for X is not unsatisfactory. Standard equipment include high-quality seats, display audio, and intelligent clearance sonar. The lowest price makes it an easy-to-purchase grade.

Grade G


The model that upgraded X is G grade. Alphard has been changed to a powerful 3-lens headlamp to create a dynamic exterior. Since the seat material has been changed to synthetic leather, the interior has become better space. In addition, wheel size and panel painting have also been changed.

Grade GF


GF is a grade with only gasoline vehicles. It is upgraded from the G grade gasoline car, and the seat material has been changed to genuine leather. In addition, it is a model that is equipped with a console box as standard equipment and has also realized comfort. Powerful driving with a 3.5L V6 engine is also an attractive feature of GF.

Executive Lounge,Executive Lounge S


Executive Lounge and Executive Lounge S are the highest grades of standard body and aero body. Focusing on luxury, it has a more luxurious exterior by having wheel painting and standard equipment of 3-lens LED lamps. The interior has also been renewed, and wood-grained decorations have been adopted in many parts to create a high-quality interior space. This grade is recommended for those who want to relax comfortably in the car or drive in a high-quality car.

Grade S

grade s

The S grade is the base for Alphard aero body vehicles. The bumper has been changed from the standard body to emphasize the wide impression. Equipped with an Optic-trans meter exclusively for aero body vehicles, a stylish interior is characteristic.

In addition to S, S grades include lineups of SA packages and SC packages. A package is the console box, and the C package is the upgraded steering and seat.

Grade SC

grade sc

SC is a grade with an enhanced engine based on the exterior and interior of the SC package. Since it has been changed to a 3.5L V6 engine, dynamic driving can be enjoyed. Recommended for those who want to emphasize running performance as well as appearance and texture.


Alphard AGH30W has features such as a dynamic exterior, luxury interior, loading capacity, and stable driving performance. It is a high-spec model that has everything from appearance to performance. There are a total of 17 grades in the lineup, including gasoline and hybrid vehicles, each with different equipment and specifications. Please check the characteristics and specifications of each grade of Alphard AGH30W and consider which grade you should buy or import cheaply. is affiliated with Malaysian vendors, and we can introduce you to Malaysian trusted vendors!

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