Why People Import Cars from Japan???

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What are the Advantages of Importing Cars From Japan?”

The Best Value for the price

Japanese used cars are one of the most reliable cars to import because of vehicle’s good condition, and are known to be affordable, yet high quality vehicles in terms of standards. The good road condition in the country also makes up for the minimum wear of the vehicles.
In addition,Japanese cars are one of the best in terms of cost performance compared to American and European cars. Japanese cars are affordable and compact compared to their western counterparts but are excellent cars with high performance value, and are generally produced to perform with the best conditions along with being fuel efficient.

Having the Most Available Parts

Spare parts and replacements are also easier to find as there are numerous spare parts shop in Japan, giving buyers a sense of relief in case the need arises. There are companies such as Autobacs and Yellow Hat providing brand new car parts, as well as companies like Kaiho-Sangyo and Nakamura Autoparts for used car parts.

Compulsory Inspection For cars in Japan

Most used Japanese cars are sold just after a couple of years from purchase as the owners would have to pay more taxes known as “shaken” or the vehicle inspection in Japan. The vehicle inspection system in Japan is quite strict and vehicles imported from Japan undergoes inspection from the Japanese Export Vehicles Inspection Center, assuring that the vehicle is certified good for export and use. No vehicle can be shipped out of Japan unless they have complied with the requirements, thus resulting to majority of imported vehicles from Japan being in tip top condition.

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