The New Audi A8 Might be Fully Electric

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The 2019 Audi A8 has been lauded for being loaded with new technology and its plush interior. It is natural for anyone to think that this vehicle has everything you want in a luxury car. However, always at the bleeding edge of automotive engineering, Audi know that it can still push the Audi A8 to a higher level. During the car company’s Annual General Meeting, it announced that it is working on a variant of this full-size sedan. What’s more, it is likely that Audi will release the new A8 as a fully electric vehicle.

What to Expect from the New Audi A8 Variant?

We still have several years before the new A8 hits the market. However, we can already get an idea of what it will be like. According to the announcement, it will be ‘especially luxurious and prestigious.’ Rumors have been circulating about a special A8 variant, and this announcement confirms them. It is also possible that the new Audi vehicle will be released under the old Auto Union brand name, Horch. This move will be reminiscent of what Mercedes did when it used the Maybach brand before turning it into a special variant of the S-Class.

It is also possible that the W12 will be offered in the same trim level as the A8. Audi also used the same engine for the current A8 model. However, we still do not have a definite date on when the new W12 will be introduced. Moreover, there is no news yet on which countries it will be offered. That said, it would be nice to have the twin-turbo V8 engine on the upcoming A8 model.

It is likely that the next-generation A8 will not have any cylinders at all. According to Audi Chairman of the Board Bram Schot, this line may be all-electric. He said that while it has not been decided yet, he can see the next generation of Audi A8 to be fully electric. The company is considering to revolutionize the top-end class by introducing a ‘completely new concept for the A8.’

Is a Fully Electric Audio A8 Plausible?

It is worth noting that the latest Audi A8 was recently launched for the 2019 model year. Meanwhile, its predecessor was manufactured and sold from 2011 to 2018. So, the new generation of A8 will enter a different auto market. Big names in the industry will likely have more electric and hybrid cars. Given that A8 is always at the forefront of automotive technology and luxury, it would make perfect sense to go fully electric.

Volkswagen also announced that it will release high-end electric powertrains like the one that the Porsche Taycan has. So, it is likely that Audi will release a plug-in hybrid variant in case consumers want flexibility with refueling or a longer range. Among all the speculations, the A8 being fully electric is highly plausible.

Are There Other Electric Cars from Audi?

The upcoming A8 variant is not the first electric vehicle from Audi. The automaker has released the E-Tron as an electric SUV in an effort to persuade regular SUV drivers to make the switch. Many think that this car is unimaginative and it blends too well with the crowd. Well, that is exactly the point. Audi marketed the E-Tron as the vehicle for people who may want an electric car, but do not want a vehicle with a loud personality.

Going electric is definitely a foot into the future. So, we might see Audi releasing more electric and hybrid cars soon.

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