Process of Purchasing A Car Up To Its Arrival

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Just the thought of buying a used car from Japan may seem complicated, but in reality, it is actually much easier than it seems thanks to the assistance of the car exporters available.

The major process from purchasing the car up to it’s arrival

First, if you have won the bid, and you can choose to refund your deposit or deduct it from the total price.

After, we will be sending you an invoice for the total price of the vehicle.
Please make a full payment within 48 hours. If we do not confirm payment within the allotted time, your right for the vehicle will be cancelled and the vehicle will be put back for sale.

After making the payment, Send us an email with T/T documents from the bank. The amount covers the vehicle, shipment cost and fee from Japan to the discharge port.

Payment methods differ per export company, but the most used form of payment is by bank wire transfer and payments are made in full. This is the easiest and safest form of payment method trusted by most customers as they can send their payment directly to the export company’s bank.

Another popular form of payment method is by Paypal. Payment by Paypal will require you to have your own Paypal account together with the Proforma Invoice sent to your email. An invoice will be issued with a link to the paypal site. Please login and confirm payment Payment confirmation is almost instant. You can even make payments while talking to our staff.

What are FOB,C&F, and CIF ?

The displayed prices (FOB) covers until the loading of the unit to the ship which includes customs and transport cost to your port, but it doesn’t cover the shipping costs. The price you actually pay includes the shipping costs to the appointed port of discharge.

For C&F and CIF prices however, after the discharging the vehicle, our service no longer covers transportation from the port of discharge to your address. But we can introduce a local transportation company to you if you will be needing to use one.

The C&F is included Cost and Freight. The CIF is included Cost, Insurance, and Freight. Also plus the related taxes and custom fees which you will be shouldering to both C&F and CIF.

The shipping duration

Depending on which country the car will be shipped to, the shipping duration can take from 4 weeks up to 2 months from the time the car is placed in the vessel. Make sure to ask the car exporter for the estimated date or departure of your vehicle.

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