Nissan Commemorates Partnership with Naomi Osaka with Special GT-R Models

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Last December 20, 2018, Nissan started taking orders for their special edition GT-R models. The Japanese automaker launched these units to commemorate their partnership with Naomi Osaka, the tennis Grand Slam champion known to have recently defeated Serena Williams.

According to Nissan, they plan on developing up to 50 units of the special-edition GT-R models. These cars will be tailored according to the specifications of the Nissan GT-R Premium edition grade. Their dry carbon rear spoiler will have LED high-mount stop lights. In the engine room, people will be able to see the vehicle’s model-number plate in gold. The special edition Nissan GT-R will be available in three new color schemes. It is worth noting that Osaka contributed in matching the final color schemes.

The commemorative GT-R edition will be sold exclusively in Japan. The pricing for the vehicle will be announced soon.

Nissan’s Partnership with Naomi Osaka

Last year, Nissan Motor Co. signed Osaka as the company’s brand ambassador. The Japanese automaker saw the tennis star’s drive, Japanese roots, and youth as opportunities to appeal to the younger demographics.

Of course, this deal will raise Osaka’s profile even further. After defeating Serena Williams, she became the first Japanese tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title. According to Nissan, included in Osaka’s three-year contract are appearances in global promotions and advertisements. The Japanese car brand is among the increasing number of companies to sign the tennis player for endorsements. As of this writing, Osaka is an ambassador for brands like Nissin Foods Co., Yonex Co., Adidas AG, Wowow Inc., and Citizen Watch Co.

In the past, Nissan has branded the popular GT-R sports car as a vehicle that appeals to men aged 40 and older. However, by signing Osaka with the company, Nissan departs from its usual marketing scheme, attempting to appeal to younger drivers. After all, it plans to promote its connected-driving and automated technology branch. Moreover, this partnership aims to boost the sales of Nissan’s all-battery electric car, Leaf.

What’s So Great About the Nissan GT-R?

GT-R is one of the most popular vehicles in dealerships and Japan car auctions. Fittingly, it is referred to as the Godzilla of sports cars. Its distinct JDM styling has continued to be visually astounding for the last decade. The circular taillamps and the boxy rear creates a stunning geometric contrast. It gets better once you look at it sideways. The simple yet sharp lines are so obvious and clean that even those who do not have skills in drawing may feel as if they can sketch the design easily.

It is true that when you look at Nissan GT-R reviews, you will see that its specs and stats are world-beating or class-leading, it can make other cars eat dust, making it one of the most popular and sought after car models. This all-wheel-drive, dual-clutch transmission sports vehicle can render up to 565 horsepower.

These days, it can be challenging to find a legitimate sports car that offers enough trunk space and four real seats. The GT-R may not be suited for a two-kid household. However, it has enough carrying capacity for adults to drive across town and run their errands.

We all know that the Premium line of Nissan GT-R already comes with a hefty price tag. Suffice to say, prepare to spend even more with the Naomi Osaka commemorative model. After all, Nissan plans to sell only 50 units of this special-edition model.

Disclaimer: All credits to photos of this post belongs to Nissan Motor Corporation

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