Nissan Skyline: The Legendary Race Car

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Most people might recognize the Nissan Skyline from popular video games and movies like Grand Theft Auto, Battle Gear, Need for Speed, and The Fast and the Furious. While it has been popular in the JDM for decades, it was not available in certain markets around the world. For instance, in the US, consumers were only able to get to enjoy the Nissan Skyline GTR experience through video games. It is not surprising that this vehicle was met with so much fanfare when it finally made it to the shores of America.

History of Nissan Skyline

The Nissan Skyline was introduced in April, 1957 and was sold as a luxury vehicle. With a 482 cc GA30 engine, it can produce 44kW of power. Weighing around 1,300 kg, the first generation also used a de Dion tube rear suspension, enabling it to accelerate at 87 mph or 140 km/h. Nissan continues to improve the Skyline series using modern technology. Some of the versions of this line include the R32, R33, and the recent one which is the R35-GT-R.

Introduced in 1989, the R32 Nissan Skyline created a huge turning point for the Japanese car company. This was also the time when the GTR version was introduced. Some of the famous models of the Nissan Skyline include the ones released in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014.

Nissan Skyline in Race Tracks

Nissan Skyline 2 JDM

The Nissan Skyline became a legendary vehicle when it won all its races when it was first introduced. Its racing reputation was built at the 1964 Suzuka Circuit. This was the time when the new Skyline GT was just homologated. There were about a hundred units completed in time for the race. This model was recognized for its longer nose and straight-six engine that contains three carburetors.

When famed racer Yoshikazu Sunako from Japan rode the Skyline GT for practice laps, he immediately felt that he was driving something special. Out of the practice session, this vehicle recorded the fastest lap at 2:47. At the actual race, the Skyline GT was defeated into second place by the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.

However, there was a fleeting moment wherein the Skyline GT had the lead. It led Porsche just before the hairpin turn, causing a louder cheer in the Japanese crowd. Ultimately, the 155 mph-fast Porsche won the race. While the Skyline GT did not take the first place, its remarkable performance still marked a significant moment in history.

What to Expect from the Nissan Skyline

If you ever get your hands on a Nissan Skyline GTR, you will notice how its aerodynamic effectiveness has improved compared to previous generations. Nissan used the data the line has accumulated from racetracks to help level the airflow and make other developments in the design. For instance, the back and front diffusers are now fixed under the floor pan.

Since components like the rear axle and motor are underneath the body, you can expect the Skyline GT-R to produce lift. With the engine and back differential covered, the airflow has become less turbulent and smoother. Aside from those, the back diffuser’s form is designed to make down force while cooling the differential.

The Nissan Skyline undeniably has high-tech specs, allowing it to reach high speeds. Aside from race tracks, this model is mostly seen in video games and movies like The Fast and the Furious. Needless to say, even as a Japanese used car, it is definitely a good vehicle for racing.

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