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How to buy a Japanese car hiace-super custom at a low cost from abroad?

Hiace, which is overwhelmingly popular among Japanese commercial vehicles. It is a car that can carry a lot of luggage, is highly durable, and has a high degree of customization. In particular, hiace-super custom has recently gained attention from overseas.

Hiace itself is gaining popularity not only as a commercial vehicle but also as a camper. Also, because of the brand power of Toyota vehicles and overseas demand, its strong resale value is also a reason for its popularity.

The price of the car can be very high because of the high demand. But there is a cheap way to buy hiace, especially hiace-super custom from abroad! Here we will introduce how to do that.

The most reasonable way is to buy hiace-super custom by private import

The method of buying a car overseas is roughly divided into the following four methods.

  1. Buying a used carBuying a used car is the best way to get a cheap car. It can be purchased at a significantly lower price than a new car, and you can choose a car from a wide range of models and years. In particular, the method of importing personally at overseas e-commerce sites will be the cheapest. This is because you don’t have to pay the cost of the middle margin.In some cases, when replacing a car, used cars can have the same value or even added value as when purchased. The disadvantage is that the condition of the car varies. A car that is too old and has a bad condition will cost you more because of the repairing cost.
  2. Buy a new carIt is a simple method, but the cost would be high. Naturally, the value will decrease according to the age of the vehicle, so it will be discounted from the price at the time of purchase. However, you can purchase the latest model, and there are many advantages such as having a low risk of breakdown.
  3. Make a car lease contractIt is cheaper than purchasing a new car and possible to choose a relatively new model. However, in most cases, the total payment of leases is high when including insurance. In some cases, there are restrictions on mileage.
  4. Consider car sharingOne of the ways to get a car at a reasonable price is car sharing. No insurance or other procedures are required. On the other hand, advance reservations for cars are indispensable, and places for parking and returning are fixed. Because the number of the car is limited, it may not be available when there are many users such as holidays.

You can buy the very old hiace-super custom cheaply.

Cars with low mileage are popular in the Japanese used car market. But if a car is a new model, and the exterior and interior of the car are well maintained, it can be treated well because the outer condition is very important in Japan. Japanese tend to buy a car that meets the requirements, even if it is a little expensive.

Conversely, you can buy a car that does not meet the conditions at a reasonable price. hiace-super custom can be purchased at a cheap price if it has high mileage, a bad outer and inner condition, and an old model. Used cars that are not popular in the Japanese market are more likely to be available with fewer competitors.

In addition, long-term deflation and economic downturn in Japan increases the number of people who refrain from buying a new car. People tend to drive the same car for a long time before considering replacements, so older cars with high mileage tend to appear in the market.

You may be worried whether such an old car is okay. The quality of Japanese cars is one of the best in the world. There are many cars that can be used even though the year is old and looks like they may have some problems. Of course, not all cars are fine, but you might be able to still find a treasure.

Troubles can be easily to occur in C to C trading

Now, lets say that you actually decided to import cars individually and considered C to C trading. C to C means Consumer To Consumer, a service between individuals. I guess many people use it for purchasing daily necessities.

Although C to C service is convenient and easy-to-use, troubles can happen.

There are many cases where the product is fake or the quality is lower than the indication. Also, some have heard that the goods have not arrived even though the payment has been made, and some may not be able to reach the seller.

For troubles in BtoC (Business to Consumer), proper rules are systematized. In most cases, assurance and compensation are specified even when trouble occurs. In addition, B2C transactions are regulated in some countries.

However, in C to C, it is determined that it is an exchange between individuals, so it is difficult to solve problems. You need to be more careful than when using BtoC services.

Conclusion: There are also ways to use Japanese auctions individually!

Earlier we explained the benefits of buying a used car. Cars with older models and higher mileage can be bought cheaply, but sometimes the conditions are as close as scrapped cars. Although it is possible to reuse it as a part after dismantling, it may not be suitable for driving. Many cars can be still used but easily break down.

There is nothing better than getting a car cheaply, but there is no point of buying it if it cannot be used. Therefore, the recommended method is to purchase a hiace-super custom by using an auction in Japan.

The biggest benefit is that you can purchase a hiace-super custom at a reasonable price, but if you rely on a trusted agent, you dont have to worry about car quality.

Next time, we will explain in detail how to use the Japanese auction individually.

Can I participate in the Used Car Auction in Japan to buy hiace super custom from overseas?

Let’s say that you might consider purchasing a hiace super custom, a popular commercial and passenger car.

We have introduced various methods such as buying a new car, car leasing, and car sharing, etc. in the previous article (How to buy a Japanese car Hiace cheaply from overseas).

One of the recommended methods is to use a Japanese auction to buy a used hiace super custom. If you can buy hiace super custom at a cheap price, you may want to consider doing it, but is it easy to participate? You might also be worried that problems can happen. Here is a summary of how to participate in Japanese auctions from overseas.


Registration required to participate in an auction in Japan

To participate in used car auctions in Japan individually, you must first register.

This is a bit annoying because it requires a procedure.

However, if an auction is open to everyone, it may be less reliable. Only those who have cleared certain conditions are eligible to participate = an auction that guarantees the participants status to some extent.

You will only be able to participate until you meet the following conditions.

  1. Have a curio dealer license for a number of years
  2. Have a joint guarantor
  3. Have stores and offices to buy and sell cars
  4. Have an ability to pay an enrollment fee and security deposit

In addition to the above, some auctions are subject to referrals from members. Participation requirements vary slightly depending on the auction site and the organizer, so be sure to check each venue and organizer.


What are the specific ways to meet the participation requirements?

In Japan, when buying and selling used goods is conducted on a business basis, you must apply for a curio dealer license. It includes when you rent used goods and sell them as products or hold on goods and sell them as products. If you trade used goods without permission, you may be penalized.

To obtain this permission, you must submit an application to the local public safety committees (via the jurisdiction police station). It takes time from application to approval, and the application fee is required separately.

Regarding stores and offices, it seems that a personal house is often recognized as an office. In general, it is advised to prepare an enrollment fee of about 30,000 to 50,000 yen and a deposit of about 50,000 to 100,000 yen.

The major barriers to participating auctions individually are the application for a curio dealer license and the presence of joint guarantors. It may be difficult to find joint guarantors since they need to take some responsibility, especially if something goes wrong.


Easy to buy! Examples of auction

In order to participate in the auction by yourself, various conditions must be met. The application and procedures are complicated, and you may be anxious about participating.

In such a case, you can ask an auction agent or an exporter who purchases from an auction. In some cases, if you pay a fee and ask for participation, they may be able to participate on behalf.

Also, you can check the status of each exporters stock vehicles purchased at an auction while checking the status on each auction sheet.


How can I purchase a used hiace van super custom without being deceived?

Toyotas hiace van super custom is used in a wide range of situations, including business use such as carrying cargo, transportation service, welfare purpose such as nursing care, and passenger use.

One of the options for purchasing is import. It is a cheap and easy way to get a Japanese car, but you need to be careful because there is a risk of being deceived.

In this article, we will introduce the points that you might have a chance to be deceived when buying used cars by importing.

Points that you might have a chance to be deceived by purchasing a used hiace van super custom

When purchasing a used hiace van super custom from abroad, of course, it is a vehicle abroad, so there are some areas that you feel uneasy, such as not being able to see the actual condition before purchasing or not knowing whether it will really arrive or not. There are cases where some customers have been deceived, so lets check the points that you have a high chance to be deceived in advance.


1.  I paid but my car hasnt arrived yet

When you import a used car, you buy it without having to meet directly with the seller.

Usually, you pay for the money and the car arrives, but if the agent is not honest and try to deceive you, youll only pay the money without receiving the car. You will lose money, so you have to find out if you work with an agent that really delivers your car.

Also, there is a risk of a stolen vehicle, so you have to be careful.


2. You received a car which condition is different from what you were explained

You have explained the condition of the car and then decided whether to buy it, but when the car arrives and the car was completely different from what you were explained, it is a common trouble that happens a lot.

If the mileage is much higher or the equipment such as the number of seats is different, it may not be possible to use it for the purpose as you were planning before.


3. The car broke down soon after it arrived but you cannot return it

You should always check for visible scratches, dents, and equipment details when you receive details of the car condition. What is often overlooked is the condition of the engine, oil leaks, and shifts. The condition is already bad, and it may break down immediately after delivery. In addition, because it is a used car, it cannot be returned, so you have to continue using it, and it will be a burden to pay expensive repair costs.


So, what kind of dealers should you buy from?

Choose a reliable dealer! When purchasing used cars such as Toyotas hiace van super custom by import, you need to choose a reliable dealer so that you will not be deceived.

What kind of company is that?

1. Participates in auctions all over Japan

If youre exporting cars, you might think its a necessary obligation, but its not. . The number of used car auctions is said to be about 130 venues nationwide, and the largest is the USS Group, which has 19 in-house venues nationwide and more than a dozen group affiliated venues.

Next is the JU JAPAN USED CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION, and there are also auction sites operated by Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

About 10 out of these 50,000 dealers participate in almost all auctions.


2. 3rd place nationwide in i-Auc

carpaydiem, which operates, has the third-highest sales volume in Japans largest auction service, i-Auc,.

With a high reputation of being trust and giving a sense of security, we deliver cars to many users.


3. The staff is directly assessing

Before buying a car, many dealers often do not look at the car itself just by checking the evaluation at the auction. Choose a company where the staff directly assesses the car, not just the auction assessment.

By doing that, there is almost no discrepancy in the image after delivery because the direct assessment explains the condition of the car in more detail. For example, carpaydiem, which operates, provides service that you can check the condition of the car on youtube videos.


4. Multilingual support is available according to the country

We recommend a company that offers services in multiple languages. We deal with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Filipino, etc., so you can check the condition of your car in your own language.

Please note that some companies charge for multilingual support.


5.  Joined the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association

As a company involved in the export business, we are a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association.

Being a member of JUMVEA is proof of being a reliable trader, so please choose a company that is a member so that you can ask them with a sense of security.


When purchasing used cars by import, you may encounter problems with the dealer. There are troubles such as the car has not arrived, the condition was different from what was explained, so it is important to find a reliable dealer. Carpaydiem, which operates, has a great record of auction results, we operate a direct assessment, multilingual support, etc., so you can ask us without worry. Next, we will explain the actual exporting method, so please check the content.

How to import hiace-super custom

Commercial vehicles, especially hiace-super custom, are popular overseas, and many people want to import used hiace-super custom, which has a high reputation of being high durability and quality at a cheap price.

However, if you want to import hiace-super custom directly, there is a high probability of encountering troubles such as the vehicle condition was worse than what was explained, and a completely different vehicle arrived. As mentioned above, it is better to import from a reliable company.

Therefore, this time we will introduce four steps to import trucks from Japan to overseas, through overseas EC sites, etc.

  1. Find a car In order to get used hiace-super custom, you need to look for the year model and specifications of hiace-super custom that you want to buy from the homepage of the overseas EC site.When searching, Manufacturer name; hiace-super custom or hiace-super gl Engine type; 1RZ, 1TR, 3L, 5L, 1KD, 2KD and desired size 2ton truck; 4ton truck, 3ton truck, You can quickly find the hiace van cheap you want by searching an option of engine capacity and body styles such as flat body, dump truck, crane truck, mixer truck, and van truck.There is also a way to find hiace van cheap by downloading catalogs made by manufacturers, etc., and If you find hiace van cheap of the year model, check the shipping fee from Japan to your port and the total cost and then ask for an invoice.
  2. Make a payment from your invoice
    After requesting an invoice, a regular company will send the invoice within 24 hours at your email address. Depending on the company, it is often necessary to pay within 48 hours (2 days) of issuing the invoice.The payment method of the invoice is often through TT payment by bank transfer.However, please be aware that there are some countries conduct LC transactions.In the case of electronic remittance (TT), you can have the vehicle saved by sending a bank transfer statement (tt copy) from the bank to the company by e-mail.
  3. The car is transported to a designated port
    After payment is completed, the shipping schedule will vary depending on the destination, but usually, the vehicle will be shipped within two weeks to one month.The time it takes to arrive depends on the route. For example, in Europe, it takes about 25 days. In the Middle East, it takes about 30 days. It can be transported to Africa, for example, Tanzania, dar es salaam, Kenya, Mombasa, and Mozambique, Maputo, and South Africa, durban in about 30 days. Depending on which route it takes, it will often take days if the destination is simply close to Japan, and many days if it is far from Japan.
CountriesEstimated shipping period
South America Chile iquequeAbout 30 days
Asia Sri Lanka  hambantotaAbout 15 days
Caribbean bahamaAbout 50 days
Africa  Tanzania  dar es salaamAbout 35 days
Africa  Kenya mombasaAbout 35 days
Oceania AustraliaAbout 30 days
Oceania  New ZealandAbout 20 days
  1. Receive the car You can receive the hiace van super custom cheap you ordered locally in exchange for the bill of lading document delivered by international mail DHL after departure.If you cannot get hiace van super custom cheap to the port, you can arrange for a courier company to deliver it for you.When you receive your vehicle, you will often need to register your vehicle in your country using the documentation you received with the bill of lading.You may need to pay import taxes and other fees before registering your vehicle. Check the local system and pay immediately.

If you import hiace van super custom cheap, use a safe site!

 Unlike regular vehicles, commercial vehicles such as passenger cars such as hiace van super custom cheap are difficult to maintain after importing, so it is necessary to import high-quality hiace vans.

If you import without checking the company well, you may have a chance to be deceived, It was completely different from the state of the vehicle I was explained before, or  The mileage was different from when I ordered, so purchase a hiace van super custom cheap from a reliable company is very important.

Choose a company that has high import statistics and experiences and can explain the vehicle condition of hiace van super custom cheap in detail with a different language.

A diagnosis of Hiace model according to each customer

Hiace from Toyota has been used in various areas as a freight car and pick-up car due to its high loading and seating capacity. There are many lineups that match the use scene, so when you try to buy Hiace, you may not know which Hiace is suitable.

In this article, we will introduce the diagnostic points to introduce and explain which Hiace model you should buy. Lets choose the best Hiace in considerations of purpose, fuel efficiency, and type.

Diagnosis Select by the purpose

In order to choose Hiace that matches your needs, let’s consider the purpose first.
While imagining the use scene, such as whether to carry luggage or to use as a transportation service, please check the scene where Hiace is actively involved.

1. To carry a load
One of the features of Hiace is its high loading capacity. Although there are differences depending on the type, the overall length is up to 5,380 mm, the overall width is up to 1,880 mm, and the overall height is up to 2,285 mm. Storage space is secured for both width and height. Not only it can carry a load, but also it can load ladders and other tools necessary for the transportation. There is also space for loading and unloading cargo, so it is suitable for carrying goods for both commercial and private use.

2. To use as a passenger bus
Hiace plays an active part not only in carrying cargoes but also in transporting people. There is a type that can accommodate 9 people that can be driven with a normal license, and a microbus type can accommodate up to 14 people. Although a drivers license for large size vehicles is required, it is recommended for picking up and dropping off passengers at hotels, inns, and facilities. Because there are types with lifts or with extra space, they can also be used for assistive vehicles and infant buses.

3. To use as a passenger car
Although Hiace has a strong commercial image, it is also a suitable vehicle as a passenger car. It is popular as a family car because it has the capacity to accommodate a lot of people and luggage. It can carry items for camping and sports and is ideal for outdoor use. Compared to other models, it is easier to customize, so it is also a great point that you can create your own style.

Diagnosis 2 Select fuel type

After deciding the use scene, lets move on to fuel type diagnosis. Hiace has two fuel types: gasoline and diesel. There are differences in fuel efficiency and driving performance, so lets check which one is more suitable.

Petrol produces power by igniting a spark plug and burning fuel in air. Since the engine can be run at a higher speed than a diesel engine, smoother driving can be achieved. However, it should be noted that a source of power comes from engine speed, so it is easily affected by the frequency of starting and stopping, the load capacity, etc., and fuel efficiency is likely to deteriorate.

Diesel engine
Diesel uses light oil as fuel and explodes compressed air to gain power. Compared to gasoline engines, the engine speed is slower, but the temporary high torque is attractive. Because it has an excellent acceleration performance, it is a recommended type for freight cars and courtesy bus when high power is required.

Diagnosis 3 Select the type of Hiace

Once the purpose and engine type are determined, all you have to do is select a grade. There are three types of Hiace: Hiace van, Hiace wagon, and Hiace commuter. Each has its own characteristics, so find the best grade.

Hiace van
Hiace van is a grade with a wide luggage compartment and is recommended when carrying cargoes. There are two types; long van and super long van, so if you need more space, choose a super long van type.

Hiace wagon
Hiace Wagon can accommodate up to 10 people and also has a luggage space. Although it can be used as a freight car like a van, it is also excellent for transporting people, so it can be used flexibly according to the scene.

Hiace Commuters
Hiace Commuter is a full-size Hiace with a capacity of 14 people. Since it can accommodate the largest capacity, it is suitable for picking up and dropping off passengers at hotels and kindergartens.

If you buy Hiace, let’s choose Carpaydiem/Carusedjp!

If you want to buy a Toyota Hiace, Carusedjp/Carpaydiem is highly recommended! We sell used cars, including Hiace, to more than 90 countries, including Europe, Oceania, and Africa. We have received great comments from users such as I could buy a great car with great support. If you want to use Hiace for business or private, please ask in Japan!

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