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Hiace is a popular model overseas

They are frequently used to carry luggage in factories, operate like buses, and so on. This time, we will explain how to buy the most popular “car model” in Hiace cheaply and easily.

How to buy hiace “hiace kdh van cheap”

There are several ways to buy a Hiace, and this time we will introduce three of them.

1.How to buy “hiace kdh van cheap” with “new car”

The benefits of purchasing a new car include:
“Choose a new model car”
“It’s less likely to break down, so there’s no repair cost.”
However, the disadvantage is that “the price is high”. For this reason, the number of people who purchase a new car in Japan is decreasing.

2.How to “rent a car”

Actually, it is called a “lease contract”, but the advantage of a lease contract is that it is cheaper than buying a new car and “you can choose a relatively new model car”.
However, as a disadvantage, it is necessary to consider how many years you are going to use the car because “insurance premiums and insurance money are high and using a car for more than two years can be more expensive than buying a new car.”
If you are planning to use “hiace kdh van cheap” for business or commercial purposes for more than 2 years, this method is not recommended.

3.How to buy a “used car”.

The benefit is that “you can buy it at a significantly lower price than buying a new car.” Depending on the negotiations, you may be able to get a car in excellent mechanical condition at a very low price.
However, as a disadvantage, “there is a possibility that the repair cost will be high. Because the condition differs depending on the used car, and it may break down immediately after the purchase or it cannot be used for a long time.”

Which methods would you like to choose?

For example, if you are buying a car for your hobby, I think buying a new car is very popular. Now to talk about buying a “hiace kdh van cheap”.

What is the intended use of Hiace you want to buy?

Isn’t there a lot of commercial purposes? such as construction, maintenance cars and shared buses? What is needed in such an application? The condition of the car is important.

For example, it is important that engines and shifts are maintained as an absolute requirement.
So what about dents, scratches, and paint? They will surely wear out as soon as a car is used for commercial purposes. In other words, shouldn’t it be cheaper even if it looks bad from the beginning?

The cheapest way to buy is to buy a used car

Since Hiace, which TOYOTA Japan is proud of, is durable by world standards, it is normal to drive 500,000 km instead of 100,000 km. However, in Japan, when the mileage exceeds 100,000 km or more than 10 years, it is common to change to a new one, and the used car market is full of these cars that can be still be used. People around the world import and reuse those used cars.
Therefore, it is recommended to purchase an old and shabby Hiace.

Japan has a vehicle inspection, and unless it succeeds in the inspection once every few years, it is not possible to drive on the road, and basically every car has a well-equipped engine and mechanical system, which is one of the reasons why the Japanese used cars from Japan are popular.

Not only by the global standard of Toyota engine performance but also the Hiace, which the Japanese took great care of, it is possible to ride even with the old and high traveling distance.
However, you need to pay attention to buying and selling used cars.

For example, C to C trading (What is C to C … Customer to Customer) has many troubles. The advantages are trading between individuals becomes possible and no margin is taken. but while it has become more convenient, there are many problems.

There are financial problems or product problems. Here are some examples.

The first case is
The car arrived but was later discovered to be fake. Upon trying to return the car, the seller told them that, “there is no possibility of returning a fake product”. They ended up losing hundreds of thousands of yen.

The second case is
The car arrived but failed immediately and the engine stopped. When they contacted the seller, the seller did not agree and said, “I have not send a defective car”.
Even if you pay for the freight and buy a car from abroad, receiving a car that looks like a scrapped car that has not been maintained is unacceptable.

As you can see from these examples, the reasons why there are many troubles in C to C trading are as follows.

  • It is very difficult to resolve the trouble between the parties.
  • Even if there is a company that operates the service, it is often difficult to solve problems since they do not involve themselves in case of any trouble.
  • Any underage person can purchase cars that require age-verification.
  • The other party may ask you for a prohibited matter and get into trouble.
  • The other party can do business without having to meet the other person directly, so the deceiving party can do whatever they want.

These are the reasons and some examples.

It’s off the subject, but,

One of the ways to buy a cheap vehicle is to buy something “that can be broken at any time”. There is also a method of purchasing a car almost the same as a scrapped car.

The engine and mechanical system are sensitive and it is possible to break down anytime. It’s possible to buy cheaper, but it is more likely that you might lose more than the money you paid.

Therefore, it is not recommended to buy Hiace, which is almost the same as a scrapped car.
So how do you buy a used car without being deceived?

As one method, We wrote “How to buy” hiace kdh van cheap” by using a Japanese used car auction by yourself”, so please read that too!


Can “hiace kdh van cheap” be purchased individually from auction?

There are several ways to purchase “hiace kdh van cheap”, such as dealers, leasing, and direct imports.  The absolutely recommended is the used car auctions held every week in Japan.

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Since 140,000 vehicles are sold every week, the “hiace kdh van cheap” vehicle can always found that a users is looking for to purchase.
  2. There is a third party assessment and you can trust the condition.
  3. 99% exporters purchase from auctions.

In particular, it is extremely attractive that the number of distributions of ? is overwhelmingly large, and of course the availability of “hiace kdh van cheap” is also large. and also, there is a third-party assessment of ? and high security alone.

The third-party assessment is called an auction sheet  and has been assessed very finely, the evaluation of 1-5, of course, as shown in the following photo.

“hiace kdh van cheap ” is an old model,  and many vehicles have long mileage, but you can check if there is tampering with the mileage, etc. This auction sheet can be used to determine not only the condition of the vehicle,  but also what kind of problem there is, where there is no problem with traveling,  whether there is any oil leakage, etc.

Also, as shown in ?, the reason that the exporter purchases from the auction is from 1 and 2.  The exporter purchases from the auction, keeps the car as stock of the company, publishes it on the website, etc.

With a large profit, sell it to overseas companies,Also, since it is sold with profits to individual users in the country, the specific car that overseas individual users want, Of course it is better to buy it directly from a used car auction in Japan.

So, can individuals participate in the used car auction in Japan? Although it is an auction that is indispensable for importing used cars, it is actually quite difficult to join.

For example, as a necessary condition for joining are as follows:

  1. Need referrals from multiple companies handling cars
  2. Must have a store in Japan
  3. Depending on the auction, Japanese real estate may be used as collateral
  4. Have to pay a deposit
  5. You must take a secondhand dealer

There are many points that need to be cleared. Even if you can pay the security deposit in ?, as in ???, you have real estate in Japan,   have a store, and referrals from multiple companies are quite difficult, especially the license of a secondhand dealer in  ? is very problematic It becomes.

Acquisition is difficult even for Japanese companies,  and you must apply for permission to the prefecture public safety committee via the police station that supervises the sales office. In other words, even if you are in Japan and do not have a secondhand dealer, you cannot participate,   so it is almost impossible to buy directly from overseas at a Japanese auction.

So what should I do?

The answer is, isn’t it best to partner with an auction member in Japan and buy from a used car auction?

Then, How can I join in the Japanese car auction form Europe( the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland),and North America(the United States, Canada), Oceania (New Zealand and Australia), Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo)?

1. Register

Since it is a margin transaction, many Japanese auctions have a registration system. Enter information such as country, address, telephone number, name, etc. and register customers.

2. Pay a deposit.

A deposit is required in advance. This is a refundable deposit that can be used to buy at an auction, resulting in the transaction being over, or when you actually make a purchase, you can use it as a purchase price.

The amount of the security deposit varies depending on the company,  but as a partner company, if you purchase at the instruction of a customer from abroad and the customer does not pay,  the commission at the time of purchase in Japan and the relisting fee etc.  It costs $ 1000 to $ 3,000 because of the risks involved.

You can easily get started with just the above two steps.

For example,

For A in the Netherlands,

Purpose: There are a lot of used cars in Japan in good condition, and I want to buy a BMW as a car to ride with my family.

What A did:

  1.  Pay a deposit 1000USD to Payee A by PayPal on Jan/4.
  2. Company A reports that the money has been received on Jan/4 and starts searching for an auction.
  3. On Jan/7, a candidate vehicle was found in Jan/9 USS Tokyo, and the status of the vehicle was explained to Company A’s Sales B in English, and a bid request was made to Company A for up to 6,500 USD.
  4. Purchased at 4828USD, and purchased for 972USD as a rent fee to AMSTERDAM, totaling 5800USD. Received proforma invoice on Jan/9 and paid within 48 hours.
  5. Pay 1800 for 4800 USD minus 1000 USD deposit.
  6. The company arrived at AMSTERDAM on Fed/28 by a Jan/25 departure ship when a notice of payment and the notification of the loading of the vehicle arrived from A company on Jan/11.

In Japan, it is often used for commercial purposes such as transporting building materials, tools, and fashion, etc.  In Africa, Hiace kdh van cheap and other 6-seater Hiaces have been converted to 15-seaters, villages and towns,  It is used as a bus as a means of transport between towns and cities, sometimes as a freezer, refrigerated car, ambulance or fire truck. In addition, in Europe, customers who reimport Mercedes-Benz every Christmas to buy gifts for their wives every Christmas,  and they are used for many purposes such as taxi vehicles in Malaysia,  trucks as construction vehicles in Bangladesh, etc.

Japanese cars are purchased and exported daily from participating countries in auctions.


How can I use a used car sale auction without being deceived?

Hiace in Japan is a popular model that is attracting attention overseas, so isn’t there a lot of people who want to buy cheaply if possible?

However, when looking for used Hiace, everywhere is sold high and exceeding the budget. Hiace, which is sold as a used car, is sold at a high price due to the commission when participating in the auction.

So, this time, we would like to introduce how a person who wants to purchase Hiace “hiace kdh van cheap” from a used car sale auction individually without being deceived.

“What are the reasons why some people are deceived at a car auction?”
Hiace, which is sold by Japanese automaker Toyota, has recently become more popular in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines, than in Japan. They have been used mainly in tourism and shared buses. In particular, the “kdh” model is famous for being easy to repair engine systems because it uses diesel which is a cheap fuel worldwide. It is durable, cheap, and has a lot of stock overseas.
One way to buy “hiace kdh van cheap” cheaply is to participate in a used car auction in Japan.

However, if you participate in the auction by yourself, the actual car and the car presented in the auction may be in different states, and you may be deceived.

For example…

  • I paid but did not receive the car.
  • The meter was manipulated
  • There was a falsehood of repair history, etc.

The reason for being deceived in this way is that many cars with bad conditions are exhibited at car auctions, such as cars that have been repaired or cars with the meter whose actual distance traveled is unknown.

The reason why cars with such poor quality are exhibited is that cars with bad conditions can be bidding cheaply, so used car dealers bought repaired cars and cars with unknown meters cheaply. There are many companies that make a profit by selling a new product by falsely commenting such as, ” it has a little scratch” or “it drives well”.

In particular, odometer tampering has become a problem in Japan and used cars that are significantly below the approximate annual travel distance of 10,000 km to 15,000km/year. For example, a car with a total mileage of only 15,000km even though the model is 5 years old should be avoided because the meter may have been manipulated.

What are the points to avoid being deceived at a car auction?

In order to not be deceived at car auctions, you need “the ability to see cars”, but even those who have been drivers for many years can not easily spot unless they are professional mechanics, car dealers or intermediaries. That Is the reality.

For those who think, “I want to buy “hiace kdh van” cheaply at a car auction cheaply, but is there any way to avoid being deceived?”, please ask support from a trusted auction agent.

Characteristic s of a reliable car auction agent

There are many auction agencies that support purchasing Japanese cars such as Hiace from overseas at car auctions, but it is not clear which company to actually request.

The characteristics of a reliable car auction agent are:

  • They can deal flexibly with the various languages in response to the request
  • They participate in car auctions throughout Japan
  • They make a direct assessment before bidding on a used car.
  • They can explain the condition of the car in detail.

By dealing with various languages, for example, “hiace kdh van cheap” can be purchased without any language barriers. supports many languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Filipino, so we are able to give detailed explanations of car conditions and assessment results.

Also, if you are considering using an agent and if they have their website, you should first check which Japanese auction they are participating in.

For example, is one of the few companies that participate in all car auctions in Japan, and there are only about 10 out of 50,000 companies in Japan.
Because we are a member of all car auctions throughout Japan, we have the third largest purchase of car auction services in Japan (i-Auc), which handles the largest number of cars in Japan.

In addition, when participation in the auction, cancellation after ordering is basically not possible. There are many companies that only ask you to pay security deposits first as a fee. However, some companies require you to pay in full when participating in an auction, so you may want to use that as a criterion to decide which company to choose.

In addition, besides requesting to bid on Hiace from a company that fulfills the characteristics of a reliable auction agency, be sure to compared to other auction agency and ask a vendor with higher reliability .

How to buy Hiace “hiace kdh van cheap” cheaply at

As we have introduced, you need a “Curio dealer” license to participate in the used car auction in Japan, so basically only Japanese used car dealers can participate. Therefore, when participating in the Japanese used car auction from abroad, let the Japanese agency to cooperate.

So, for example, how do I participate in a used car auction in Japan at All steps are explained in detail in the next article “How to Participate in a Used Car Auction”.

If you want to “buy Hiace in Japan cheaply”, please use this as a reference


How to participate in used car sales auction

At the used car auction in Japan, 140,000 cars are listed every week, You can surely find the car that you need. Here are four steps from requesting an auction agent for a successful bid to receiving a car.

Can individuals participate in the used car auction in Japan?

In order to participate in the used car auction in Japan, you need a Japanese license called “curio dealer”, so basically you cannot participate in the used car auction by yourself.

So, let’s get help from an auction agency to buy a cheap car at a used car auction in Japan.

There are many auction agents, but the most reliable one is as follows:

    1. 1. They can deal flexibly with the various languages in response to the request
    1. 2. They participate in car auctions throughout Japan
    1. 3. They make a direct assessment before bidding on a used car.
    1. 4. They can explain the condition of the car in detail

By requesting agencies that deal with various languages as described above, they will explain the condition of the vehicle in detail without limiting your country or language, so you can understand thoroughly.

This information is described in detail in the previous article, “How can I use a used car auction without being deceived?”

How to participate in a used car auction

So what are the options to participate in the used car auction in Japan?

Here are the four steps when a general auction agent performs at a Japanese used car auction.

1. Find the car you want and bid.

More than 140,000 cars are listed each week in Japan, so you can find the car you want from many cars. For example, if you are looking for “hiace kdh van cheap” this time, you can find dozens of stocks per week. In this way, select the car you want from the list of vehicles on the auction agent’s homepage, etc., select options such as country, port, insurance, and inspection, calculate the bid price, and if there is no problem with that amount, then you can bit.

In the actual auction, the vendor will try to win the lowest price possible, but it is still difficult in many cases, so set the maximum budget for the bid price.

2. Wait for the result of the auction

The results of the auction will be notified via message tools such as WhatsApp and Skype, and e-mail. Auction results are often communicated immediately during the day, so you can see the results immediately.

3. Pay the price of a car

Once the used car auction in Japan is over and you have successfully won the car, an invoice for the total price of the car will be sent to you via email. In many cases, you will be instructed to pay within 48 hours (2 days), so make sure to pay by the specified date.

If you fail to win the auction, your pre-paid deposit will be refunded. However, if you want to take part in the next auction, you can still use the deposit for the next auction. If you can’t make a successful bid at the auction and want to participate in the next auction, please contact an auction agent.

4. Receive the car

Once you have paid the amount of the invoice, you will start loading your car in the shortest date (approximately two weeks to one month), and after leaving the port, you will receive the necessary documents by mail. After passing through customs at your country’s port, the car that you purchased in the used car auction in Japan will be delivered to you.

At this time, it takes about two weeks to check all the documents. After confirming the documents, the ship will depart as a container ship, and the time required for transportation will vary, depending on the schedule and route, but it will arrive in Africa and Europe in about one month.

In other words, the entire period from the successful bid of a car at the auction until you receive the car is a minimum of about one and a half months.

Let’s use the used car auction in Japan to find your ideal car.

Since a Japanese used car auction cannot participate without a Japanese-only license called “curio dealer”, people in overseas basically need help from an auction agent to participate in a used car auction in Japan. This is the most common method.

Pick up a few trusted auction agents and find the car that you want to purchase.

You can bid for the auction on the auction agent’s website. After bidding for the car that you want, you will be notified of the result immediately after the auction started, so pay the amount shown on your bill.

Depending on the route after paying for the car, you can pick up the car after about a month and a half. You can get your ideal car.

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