Toyota Succeed – The Station Wagon for all your Needs

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In 2002, the Toyota Succeed was introduced to the Japanese market as a 5-seater passenger wagon. It has similarities to the Toyota Probox and both models are quite popular among small businessmen in the Kenyan market. If casually observed, the two are difficult to tell apart.

From 2002 to 2014, Japanese car maker Toyota produced the first generation of the Succeed line as the “NCP50 series.” It was followed by the NCP150 series which have been in production from 2014 to present. The Toyota Succeed wagon can be found in various engine types, including a 1NZ-FE 1.5-liter straight-4 DOHC type 4 engine or a SOHC 1.4-liter diesel straight type 1ND-TV engine.

Available in manual or automatic transmission, the Toyota Succeed has standard safety features such as dual airbags, the Anti-lock Brake System and an Electronic Brake Distribution, among others. Whether you’re driving this vehicle in Burundi, Mozambique or other parts of Africa, you can have the peace of mind that you need.

Popular Used Toyota Succeed Models

At, you can find a selection of used Toyota Succeed models. To access the auction grade and specs of our available units, simply enter the model code or engine code. Below is the most viewed model from our list:

2013 Toyota Succeed (Automatic Transmission)
Model code: NCP58G

2008 Toyota Succeed Van (Automatic Transmission)
Model code: NCP51V

Toyota Succeed vs. Toyota Probox

The Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed had many similarities when they were introduced in the summer of 2002. As we’ve mentioned, it can be difficult to tell them apart. Both of these vehicles were designed for light commercial use and they were based on the more advanced version of Toyota Fielder.
In some countries such as Bolivia and Peru, the Probox model is commonly used as a taxi. The Probox and Succeed models were remodelled in 2014 according to the growing and changing demands of consumers.

The Toyota Probox was sold as a light commercial vehicle, while the Toyota Succeed was marketed more as a station wagon. On the other hand, the latter is also ideal as a commercial vehicle. Both of them are designed as small commercial vans which serve different purposes. Aside from that, both of them offer efficient engines and roomy compartments that can match business requirements for luggage handling.

While both of them were introduced in the market in 2012 as light commercial vehicles, they still have some notable differences. After their facelift in 2014, their fuel consumption was lowered by 18%. The appearance of both models may not look appealing to ordinary passengers. However, Toyota has made improved their interior to make them more family-friendly.

Importing a Used Toyota Succeed to Burundi or Other Parts of Africa

You can turn to when you need to import a used Toyota Succeed to Kenya, Burundi or other parts of Africa. You can trust that our extensive experience in exporting cars to various countries in the world can make the process convenient and smooth. If you need information on processing your purchase, our expert team will be able to provide you with what you need.

All you have to do is register on our site and you can gain access to useful information about our used Toyota Succeed models. If you are thinking of buying a used Japanese car, contact today!

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