Toyota RAV4 Review: Versatile SUV Offering Reliable Performance

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When the RAV4 was launched by Toyota in Australia in 1994, it shifted the sedan-centric market’s interest to road-focused SUVs. It was an instant hit among buyers from across the world for its city-suitable dimensions and off-road capabilities. From its two-door origins, the RAV4 has grown into a five-door SUV over the following generations. It is available in various specification levels, including petrol and diesel engines, as well as two- and four-wheel-drive features, among others.

Popular Used Toyota RAV4 Models

The current generation of RAV4 is known for its good rating for predicted reliability as well as its solid and well-built design. It has also made the top picks list of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for several years. Its safety technology, good crash test scores and cargo space make the Toyota RAV4 one of the top SUVs in its class.

If you are considering buying a used RAV4, search no further than We feature a range of used Toyota models, allowing you to choose the suitable vehicle for your budget and needs. You can use the model code to access the specifications and auction grade of each featured RAV4. Here are some of the most popular models on our list:

2012 Toyota RAV4 (AT)
Model code: DBA-ACA36W

2007 Toyota RAV4 (AT)
Model code: DBA-ACA31W

1996 Toyota RAV4 (MT)
Model code: E-SXA11G

2000 Toyota RAV4 (AT)
Model code: TA-ACA21W

2003 Toyota RAV4 (AT)
Model code: TA-ZCA26W

Toyota RAV4 Review

Like any other vehicle, the Toyota RAV4 has its pros and cons.

Toyota RAV4 Pros

Big Cargo Capacity

Whether you are going on a camping adventure or you need to transport several items when running errands, the spacious cargo capacity of the Toyota RAV4 has you covered. Recent models feature cargo space of up to 38.4 cubic feet when you put the rear seats up. You can enjoy plenty of legroom for your passengers and space for your belongings. If you fold the second-seats down, you can expand the cargo space further by 73.4 cubic feet, allowing you to carry more cargo for your drive.

Built for Hauling and Adventures

If you are looking for a family-friendly SUV that can handle your adventures, then you should browse through our collection of used RAV4 models. Japanese used cars under this range can let you enjoy a towing capacity of up to 1,500 pounds. Such is enough capacity for you to haul your belongings that can fit a small trailer. This means that you can either purchase this vehicle for work or for personal use. You can even use it for both and you can expect that it will be able to handle your load.

Toyota RAV4 Cons

Weak Steering and Rough Handling

While you can expect many good features from a Toyota RAV4, there are some downsides to choosing this vehicle. For one, you might have to deal with clunky steering. You would not be able to expect a good response from the steering system and it can be unreliable in certain situations.
Many drivers do not like the rough handling features of the RAV4. However, you will find that the handling slightly improves with models that feature a base SE trim with a sport-tuned suspension.

Low-Quality Interior Materials

The interior components of a RAV4 seem to easily wear over time. The plastic parts seem like they were made with low-quality materials. Such components are unsightly even in brand new models.
While there are some downsides to purchasing a RAV4, its good qualities still outweigh its disadvantages. Keep in mind that when choosing a vehicle, safety is one of the top features you should watch out for. Research data do not lie and the RAV4 is definitely one of the safest SUVs in the market right now.

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