Toyota Probox Review: Reliable Utility Wagon

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When Toyota released the Probox line in 2002, it shared similar features from its predecessor, the Toyota Succeed. People could purchase two-wheel drive versions of the Probox in 1300cc. On the other hand, the 1500cc version was available in both the 2WD and 4WD. Categorized as a small wagon, the Probox is offered in 4-speed automatic (Super ECT) transmission.

It is commercially used as a vehicle for transporting goods. Throughout Bolivia, Peru and Myanmar, it is extensively used as a taxi. On the other hand, with the stable ride it offers, the Probox can also be a multi-functional family car.

Those who are not interested in purchasing a luxury car do not prefer to buy a Probox. However, the line enjoys a high demand in underdeveloped and developing countries for some good reasons. It is loved by many due to its multi-function features. It can be used as a vehicle for transporting goods and its spacious rear can also turn the vehicle into a mini truck. It is a cost-effective wagon that offers comfort, practicality and a roomy interior.

Popular Used Toyota Probox Models

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2009 Toyota Probox (AT)
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2007 Toyota Probox Van (AT)
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2009 Toyota Probox Van (MT)
Model code: NCP50V

2008 Toyota Probox Van (MT)
Model code: NCP51V

What Makes the Toyota Probox an Ideal Light Commercial Vehicle?

There are many good reasons why the Probox line remains popular. Here are some of the features you can enjoy when you purchase one:

Excellent Fuel Economy

When you go to Burundi or other parts of Africa, you will see a number of people driving the Toyota Probox. Ask anyone who has driven one why they love this light commercial vehicle and they will say that it offers excellent fuel economy. You are sure to maximise every drop of fuel from its 1,496 cc petrol engine.

Reliable Utility Vehicle

When the Probox line was marketed, it was promoted as a utility vehicle that offers reliable performance. It has rear shock absorbers that can load up to 400 kilograms. In contrast, the Land Cruiser VX can only load up to 350 kilograms. With its Variable Valve Timing with intelligence VVT-i technology, you can expect the solid performance that a Toyota engine promises.


The other great thing about the Probox is it can serve as a business vehicle or a family car. It has a provision for extra space since its rear seat can be adjusted. You can have additional space if you want to carry more items with you. Even when you go a little above the recommended weight limit, you can still feel a stable performance from the Probox.

Easy to Maintain

What’s likeable about the Toyota Probox is how convenient it is to maintain one. There are many spare parts available in Burundi and other parts of Africa. So, if you need repairs or maintenance services, you can certainly get the parts you need.

Good Safety Features

The Probox also has some features for safety, including two airbags which can be found at the steering wheel and near the dashboard.

Importing a Toyota Probox to Africa?

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