Toyota Passo Review: A Practical Subcompact Vehicle

Also referred to as the Daihatsu Boon, the Toyota Passo has been in production since 2004. This little hatchback is a product of Daihatsu and Toyota’s collaboration towards creating a subcompact vehicle that’s ideal for everyday use. These car manufacturers designed the Passo with a body length that’s shorter than the Toyota Vitz. It was developed to become a vehicle that appeals to female users. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a car that offers a good storage space and low turning radius, the Passo might be the ideal vehicle for you.

Popular Used Toyota Passo

At, we also feature a range of used Toyota Passo. Through the years, we’ve noted some of the models which are quite popular among our visitors and customers. Listed below are some of the most viewed Toyota Passo models from our catalog:

2010 Toyota Passo (AT)
Model code: KGC30

2007 Toyota Passo (AT)
Model code: DBA-KGC10

2011 Toyota Passo (CVT)
Model code: DBA-KGC30

2008 Toyota Passo (AT)
Model code: DBA-QNC10

2008 Toyota Passo (AT)
Model code: KGC10

Toyota Passo Fuel Economy

Toyota and Daihatsu optimised fuel economy through the tiny displacement and smaller size of the Passo’s 1.0- and 1.3-litre engine. Overall, its engine design supports good fuel economy along with affordable maintenance. Aside from those, the engine also offers optimised performance which renders better suspension results. With lower fuel consumption, the maintenance costs are even further reduced.

What to Expect from a Toyota Passo

With the Power Window design, you can expect a smooth window transition even with low force exertion. Aside from that, the Power Steering offers smooth maneuvering while providing good support for the tires.

You can expect all the excellent features you can find in a small car in the interior of the Toyota Passo. The Anti-lock Braking System offers reliable slip management while the traction is controlled by a system available in limited vehicles. Toyota and Daihatsu designed the overall layout of the interior with comfort in mind. As such, the indicator meters and navigation system are made clear and crisp.

What makes Passo a notch higher than other small cars is its safety kit. Daihatsu designed it with its Smart Assist II safety suite features. These include brake-assist function, vehicle-and pedestrian avoidance function, lane-departure warning, forward and backward false-start control system, as well as an efficient system which warns the driver if the car in front starts to roll forward.

The air bags offer added safety assurance in the event of a collision. The front-sided and the curtain-sided bags will burst out from the car structure, providing added protection. Navigation can be installed on a single screen with the TV. Most of the time, the Toyota Passo is offered at reasonable prices. When buying one, you can expect a great value for your money.

The Toyota Passo is quite popular in several countries around the world, including Sri Lanka, Japan, Palau and Kenya. Many people buy one not only for its interior makeup but also for its exterior features. If you want a vehicle that’s perfect for your busy, urban lifestyle, then the Toyota Passo is definitely the car for you.

Import a Toyota Passo to your Country!

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