Toyota Hiace Van Review – Your Ideal Utilitarian Vehicle

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When you are looking for a commuter van, it is important that you choose a utilitarian vehicle like the Toyota Hiace van. Such vehicle should be able to fit as many people as possible. In areas where heavy traffic can be a huge problem, it is essential to have vehicles that can transport many people at once.

Introduced as a commercial-use, cab-over-engine vehicle, the Toyota Hiace is a popular utilitarian vehicle. Even used models are popular for their powerful, touch engine and versatile qualities. Toyota Hiace vans are commonly used as a jumbo taxi, shuttle bus, fixed-route bus, community bus and even as an ambulance. On the other hand, this vehicle is also perfect as a family car, a camper or a cargo transport.

Popular Used Toyota Hiace Models

Here at, we offer a wide range of used Toyota Hiace models. Through the years, we’ve noted some models that are quite popular among our customers. Use the model code or engine code to access the specs and auction grade of our available units.

Here are some of the most viewed Toyota Hiace vans from our list:

2003 Toyota Hiace Manual Transmission Van
Model Code: RZH112V
Engine Code: 1RZ

2011 Toyota Hiace Automatic Transmission Van
Model Code: KDH201V
Engine Code: 1KDFTV

2005 Toyota Hiace AT Van
Model Code: CBF-TRH200V

2006 Toyota Hiace AT Van
Model Code: KR-KDH205V

The fifth-generation Hiace line is quite popular in the Japanese used car marketplace. Models under this line are known for their “Grand Cabin” that features wide and long wheelbase along with a high roof. You will find vans in this generation with the gear level placed on the dashboard for easier movement in the cabin. Fifth-generation models which appeared in 2004 and beyond are available in four-speed automatic and five-speed manual transmissions.

Most fifth-generation models feature a four-cylinder, double overhead cam engine. The engine comes in various forms, including a D-4D turbo diesel engine with 1KD-FTV 3,000 cc or 2KD-FTV 2,500 cc; or a petrol engine with 2TR-FE 2,700 cc or 1TR-FE 2,000 cc.

What Makes Toyota Hiace a Popular Choice

As we’ve mentioned, the Toyota Hiace line was designed primarily as a commuter vehicle that can transport several people. However, its passenger capacity is not the only great quality that makes this vehicle a popular choice. Here are some of the sought-after characteristics of a Hiace van:

Reliable Performance

The Hiace line is equipped with the highly efficient 3.0 litre D4-D diesel engine with common rail direct injection that Toyota is known for. Models under this line also feature manual transmission with smooth-shifting capability, enabling drivers to transport passengers and cargo with optimum efficiency and power.

Comfortable Interior Space

A Toyota Hiace van’s lofty cabin features comfortable seats that are contoured to every passenger, with rear air conditioning system that allows travelling with ease. There’s also a generous amount of luggage and storage space, allowing you to haul anything you need.

Aesthetically Pleasing

With the elegant stance and sheer size of a Hiace van, you are sure to arrive in exquisite style anywhere you go. The wide sliding doors also offer a sleek exterior design while securely wrapping the passengers for an airy interior feel.

Safe Drives

You will feel at ease when you drive in a Hiace. Models under this line have carefully engineered seatbelts, safety crumple zones, anti-lock brakes and other safety features.
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