Toyota Crown Comfort Review: Reliable and Comfortable Taxicab

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From 1995 to 2017, Toyota manufactured and marketed the Crown Comfort line. It has been known for its retro design and dependable performance on the road. The Toyota Crown Comfort was designed to be ruggedly reliable. Despite this, it still manages to offer a comfortable driving and riding experience for people.

Toyota Crown Comfort models are convenient and easy to drive and park. It also does not cost much to maintain it. Aside from those qualities, the Crown Comfort is also sufficiently equipped with safety features that promise reliable protection to the driver and passengers. When you are looking for a truly practical vehicle, the Crown Comfort is definitely the car of your choice.

Toyota Crown Comfort Taxicabs

People who have visited Japan and Hong Kong may have noticed the retro taxicabs. Well, in these countries, the Crown Comfort is among the most popular vehicles used as taxis. Most models under this line have a drivetrain with rear-wheel-drive.

There are also variants which can be licensed to transport up to five passengers plus the driver. Six-seater versions of the Toyota Crown Comfort have a column gearchange. On the other hand, the five-seat variant can either have floor or column gearchange. Models released in Japan and Hong Kong have an automatic rear door and fender mirrors.

Notable Used Toyota Crown Comfort Models

Through the years, has sold several units of Toyota Crown Comfort. You can check our online catalog to see if there are any used models available. Meanwhile, here are some of the most notable Toyota Crown Comfort models:


This was the first model which Toyota clearly recognized as the Crown Comfort. In 2001, the LPG version was released to the market. The Y prefix identifies the model as a unit running on a Y-series engine (LPG). On the other hand, the L prefix stands for a diesel L-series engine. This line featured a 4-speed automatic transmission along with automatic doors. In 2004, it became popular in certain markets.


The 11 series was widely known for its short wheelbase version. In Japan, it was marketed as Toyota Comfort (without the word Crown). Compared to the 10 series, its wheelbase is 100mm shorter.
In late 2007, Toyota made a minor change in the model it released to the market. Some of the features they added were a newly designed roof sign and elongated rear lights. This model features more stringent emission standards and more LED lights. In a way, it was one of Toyota’s initiatives towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly business practice.

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Technical Details of the Toyota Crown Comfort

  • Engines: 1,998cc DOHC 1TR-FPE inline-four (LPG); 1,998cc SOHC 3Y-PE inline-four (LPG); 1,998cc DOHC 1TR-FRE inline-four (LPG-HK) and 1,998cc DOHC 1G-GPE inline-six (LPG)
  • Power (maximum): 4,400 rpm (3Y-PE ) – 79 PS (58 kW); 4,800 rpm (1TR-FPE) – 113 PS (83 kW) and 4,800 rpm (1TR-FRE) – 114 PS (84 kW)
  • Torque (maximum): 160 N⋅m (118 lb⋅ft) at 2,400 rpm (3Y-PE); 186 N⋅m (137 lb⋅ft) at 3,600 rpm (1TR-FPE) and 189 N⋅m (139 lb⋅ft) at 3,600 rpm (1TR-FRE)
  • Transmissions: 4-speed automatic; 4-speed manual and 5-speed manual

Import a Toyota Crown Comfort

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