Toyota Carina Review: Long-Lasting Family Sedan

From 1970 to 2001, Toyota manufactured the Carina line and marketed it as a compact passenger vehicle. It was sold under the 1,500cc – 2,000cc class while diesel variations were offered under the 1,800cc – 2,200c. Compared to the Corona line, Carina models have more qualities that make them an ideal family sedan.

Despite being a 4-door sedan, the Toyota Carina still has features that give it a sporty vibe. It has the same chassis as the Celica—Toyota’s first generation speciality car. The name of the Carina line was inspired by the Carina star cluster with word origins from the Latin term “coeliac” which means “celestial” or “heavenly”. While the Carina production ended in 2001, the line remains popular in Congo and other parts of the world due to its qualities such as its cost-effectiveness, functionality, and comfort.

Popular Used Toyota Carina Models

Here at, we feature a collection of used Toyota Carina models. Over the years, we’ve sold several units and we’ve observed how certain models are more popular over the others. Here are some of the most viewed Toyota Carina units from our catalog:

2000 Toyota Carina (AT)
Model code: AT211
Engine code: 7A-FE

1999 Toyota Carina (AT)
Model code: AT212

2001 Toyota Carina (AT)
Model code: GF-AT211

2000 Toyota Carina (AT)
Model code: GF-AT212

You will only find limited units of used Toyota Carina models from the first five generations up to the ones released in 1987. Models from the sixth series down are the ones which are increasingly available. Toyota Carina units typically have more than 200,000 km of running performance over a year. This is an indication that the model boasts of technical longevity.

Toyota Carina in Europe

The seventh generation of the Toyota Carina was manufactured and sold from the end of 1992 to 1997. The Carina E line (“E” stood for Europe) was particularly produced for the European market. Models under this generation have all the qualities needed by Europeans. These features include low fuel consumption and lean mix engines.

Toyota Carina Engine Specs

Sixth-generation Carina II units were manufactured with 1.45- to 2.0-liter gasoline engines. Diesel engines with 2.0-liter displacements were also available. Earlier engine versions from this generation did not have an exhaust gas cleaning feature. On the other hand, from 1989, the gasoline engines were updated with catalytic converters. Their carburetors were also replaced with injection. Petrol 1.6 16V engines with 98hp were particularly fuel-efficient. They run in partial load operation, making them economical.

Reliable Driving Experience

“Dependable” is the word that best describes Carina units. This range has never been popular among driving enthusiasts. On the other hand, if you are looking for a well-equipped and reliable family vehicle, a Toyota Carina is definitely the car for you.

Most of the used Toyota Carina models you will encounter have power steering, electric front windows, stereo, and rev counter, among other features. The specifications depend on the trim you choose—X, XL, GS, CD or GL. Whatever you select, you can expect more comfort features from a Toyota Carina compared to its counterparts from other manufacturers.

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