The Ten Top Selling Used Toyota Cars

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Toyota cars are popular around the world for their reliability, durability, and safety. Here at, a huge percentage of the used Japanese vehicles we export are from this brand. If you can’t decide which Toyota car to purchase, well, you’ve come to the right place. Let us narrow down your options. In this post, we are going to share the ten top-selling used Toyota vehicles.

1) Toyota CH-R

The Toyota C-HR is a subcompact SUV that features a bold exterior. According to the tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the C-HR has all the safety features you can expect from a Toyota vehicle, including pre-collision alert and adaptive cruise.

2) Toyota RAV 4

The Toyota RAV4 is probably one of the most sought-after 4WD vehicles in the roughest roads in Africa. You can expect the reliable performance of an SUV and the fuel efficiency of a sedan from this car. What’s more, the RAV4 offers better visibility for drivers and a more spacious cargo room.

3) Toyota Yaris

Also referred to as the Toyota Echo, the Toyota Yaris is an entry-level, subcompact sedan. Its 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine can render up to 106 hp. Most versions, except the Yaris L (3-door) and Yaris SE (5-door), have a 4-speed automatic transmission.

4) Toyota Prius

When it comes to hybrid vehicles, Prius is always among the top options. It showcases a comprehensive list of standard safety features along with a strong predicted reliability score. It may be one of the most expensive subcompact cars in its class, but it is one of the most affordable hybrid vehicles in the market.

5) Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling subcompact/compact cars in the world. Its total sales even beat the Volkswagen Beetle. Since 1997, Corolla has been a consistent top seller. In 2013, Corolla hit another milestone when it recorded over 40 million units sold over 11 generations.

6) Toyota Dyna

The Toyota Dyna truck was patterned after the traditional design of light-duty Japanese trucks. It has a forward-control cab featuring a layout that allows the driver and passengers to sit over the front axle. Because of its long load area, the Toyota Dyna Truck is preferred by landscapers and builders who operate in urban areas where parking spaces are small.

7) Toyota Sienna

When you’re looking for used minivans, you should seriously consider getting a Toyota Sienna. It is comfortable and reliable. Moreover, it is one of the few vehicles in its class that comes with an optional all-wheel drive design. One of the most popular models in this line is the 2009 Sienna. However, model years 2010 to 2014 are also smart options for a used family car.

8) Toyota HiAce

In our blog posts, we’ve continuously dubbed the Toyota HiAce van as the ultimate workhorse in its class. It is reliable and its spare parts are widely available, making it a popular choice for commercial applications.

9) Toyota Land Cruiser

If you have a roomier budget for your used Japanese cars, opt for a more luxurious vehicle like the Toyota Land Cruiser. It offers an exceptional range of standard safety features along with a comfortable cabin. What’s more, you will not be disappointed with the Land Cruiser, especially when it comes to predicted reliability.

10) Toyota Camry Hybrid

J.D. Power gave an above-average reliability score for the Toyota Camry Hybrid. What’s more, it checks all the qualities you’ll want in a midsize sedan, including competitive fuel mileage, a pleasant driving experience and a comfortable cabin.

If you want to purchase any of these top used Toyota cars, do not hesitate to contact today! Our friendly sales staff will be glad to assist you through the process.

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