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Toyota released the Vitz in 1998 as a replacement for the dated and aging Toyota Starlet. Marketed as a hatchback subcompact car, the Vitz is available in various transmission and engine options. It is common to find a Toyota Vitz for sale in a front-wheel-drive mechanism. However, there is an AWD option in later generations. The Vitz is widely popular for its fuel economy, but it also scores well for its reliability.

The Vitz is currently in its third generation and it has sold over 7.5 million around the world. Many of its earlier models, including the DBA-KSP130, DBA-KSP90, and SCP90, are still on the road. What people love about this vehicle is it offers enough space for a small family. All the while, it features a sporty exterior. When it comes to economic-entry cars, the Vitz offers the dependability and fuel economy that budget-conscious people want. What’s more, it has a reliable airbag system, giving it a high score in the crash tests.

The great thing about the Vitz is even when it evolves, it stays true to its character. Through the generations, this vehicle’s dimensions have increased. However, it still remains to be a lightweight car that offers excellent fuel economy. Its core buyers are never disappointed with this vehicle because it remains to provide qualities like a large passenger cabin, sporty styling, and low cost. Here are some of the features you can expect from the Toyota Vitz:

Design and Style

One of the major selling points of the Vitz is its stylish and sporty exterior. It has an aerodynamic, sleek body that almost resembles a predatory stance. These qualities are evident in the third-generation Vitz which Toyota designed to have a lower drag coefficient.

The Vitz offers the best cargo space among the cars in its class. If you have a small family, you can still have a comfortable experience driving it. You can bring everything you need for your out-of-town trips. What’s more, its fuel efficiency can reach 26 km/l. It is no surprise why the Vitz is an excellent vehicle for any need.

What’s Under the Hood?

When you search for a Toyota Vitz for sale, you will discover that most models offer modest power. It may not be at par with other vehicles in its class, including the Mazda Axela and the Honda Fit Aria. The biggest culprit is the Vitz’s three-cylinder 996cc engine. While the acceleration is modest, it can still be efficient for city driving conditions. As such, it is best to purchase a Vitz with a manual transmission. After all, this vehicle’s engine line-up can be dependable and durable. Often, they can last beyond the 200,000 km mark without any major mechanical issues. So, you can expect to find a Toyota Vitz for sale in excellent condition in the used market.

Toyota designed the Vitz to be a sporty and economical car. If you’re shopping within its class, you can expect to find all the qualities you want in this car. It offers a low initial purchase price, great fuel economy, and low maintenance cost. Moreover, the expanded cargo space and cabin room make it even more appealing. You can use it for extended trips, especially since it provides adequate room to transport a small family. All things considered, the Vitz can also be the ideal vehicle for an eco-conscious individual.

Find a Toyota Vitz for Sale at an Even Lower Price

What’s great about the Vitz is its durability. So, it is not uncommon to find various models, including DBA-KSP90 and SCP90, in the used car market. If you want to purchase the vehicle at an even lower price, we recommend that you turn to Carused.jp. Our vehicles have been professionally inspected. So, you know the exact condition of the car before you purchase it.

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