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Patterned after the Yaris, the Toyota IST is a roomier version of the vehicle. Categorized as a subcompact car, it comes with a 1.3 or 1.5-litre VVTi engine that can produce 65 to 81 BHP. It was manufactured until 2015, with the CBA-NCP60 variant as the most popular model. It is worth noting that the Shizuoka Prefectural Police used the first-generation Toyota IST as a police car. While this vehicle was widely distributed in Japan, it was also marketed in various countries across the world. In North America, it was sold under the Scion brand. These days, it is not uncommon for people to buy a cheap Toyota IST from the used car market in Japan.

However, before you buy a Toyota IST, you would want to learn more about the vehicle. Keep in mind that the car’s target market is young professionals, urban moms, and people who are looking for a practical and small automobile. So, this review is not going to focus on power specifications. Instead, we will discuss the practical features of the car.

Spacious Interior

For a subcompact car, the Toyota IST has a surprisingly big interior. Try folding the back seats and you’ll enjoy even a larger amount of space. While the interior has inexpensive materials, it does not look cheap. The seats look aesthetically pleasing and they have quality, durable fabric. You will love the modern appeal of trim. Even though it has chrome-colored plastic, it still emulates a brushed aluminum look.

The instrument panel is centrally located on top of the dashboard. As we’ve mentioned, you can fold the rear seats. So, you can still carry a good number of items with you. In the front, there is plenty of room for adults. However, if you use the 2004 Toyota IST for longer travels, the rear seats may not be comfortable because of the restricted head and legroom.

Stylish Exterior

The IST looks like a stylish version of the Vitz. It has a more sharply angled bonnet. Moreover, you won’t be disappointed with its beautiful character lines. You will see them from the top of the rear lights and along the door handles to the front.

Reliable Handling

When you compare the IST to the Vitz, the former offers a firmer ride. Moreover, it provides a nimble feel and considerably better handling. While the IST is not a sporty car, it can nicely make sharp turns. In a way, its small size works to its own benefit. You will experience some body roll but not to the point where you can’t ignore it. The suspension is firm and it can handle road imperfections well without bringing discomfort to the driver.

Adequate Engine

As we’ve mentioned, the IST comes in 1.3– and 1.5-liter variants. The engineers at Toyota did everything they could to give adequate power for this car’s size. What’s more, it features the fuel-saving tech of the Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence engine.

Is the 2004 Toyota IST Suitable for You?

If you are someone on a tight budget and you simply need a car for your daily office drives, then the IST may be the ideal vehicle for you. However, you should know that this car is not for everyone, especially since it is small. If you need a vehicle for your family, you may find the IST’s interior a little bit cramped. On the other hand, if you want a practical subcompact car, it is worth investing in the Toyota IST.

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