Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Review: The Minibus Built for Tough Conditions

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Built by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, the Rosa line is a series of minibuses launched to make transportation easy and safe. Introduced in 1960, this vehicle is now in its fourth generation and it still continues to redefine the standards for commuter and touring buses. It is widely recognized for its reliability, lasting performance, and impeccable passenger comfort.

You can find Rosa models with body configurations, such as short, long, and super-long. Standard seats can accommodate around 16 to 25 people, including the driver. Rosa vehicles are built for a wide range of applications. As such, they are also available in various types of engines which can generate high amounts of torque and power. It is popular in Zambia, Congo, Uganda, and other parts of Africa, as well as in certain countries in South America and the Asia-Pacific.

Popular Used Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Minibuses

We understand how expensive the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa can get. At, we want our customers to get the vehicle they need at a more affordable price. With that said, getting a used Rosa from a Japanese car auction will cost lower. That is why we also feature a good collection of used Rosa minibuses. Here are some of the popular models in our online catalog:

1989 Mitsubishi Rosa (MT)
Model code: P-BE434F
Engine code: 4D31

2009 Mitsubishi Rosa (MT)
Model code: BE436E

1993 Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus (AT)
Model code: BE459F

What to Expect from a Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa

Modern variants of the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa are powered by a four-cylinder, 4.9-liter engine which can generate up to 110kW/441Nm. The suspension’s design follows that of the double wishbone type independent suspension. Some models also come with shock absorbers in front.

When it comes to comfort, you can expect a Rosa to have an ergonomic design. There and overhead storage which allows passengers to bring more items with them. Aside from those, the passenger seats are also comfortable to sit on and they can easily be adjusted according to your preferences. The driver’s seat has also been carefully designed so the user can easily adjust the height and back angle. Aside from that, there are options like reclining, low back, and sliding seats.

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa vs. Toyota Coaster

The noticeable difference between a Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa and a Toyota Coaster is the capacity. The former can double as a full-fledged bus while the latter is more like a minibus. Up to 30 passengers can fit inside a Rosa while the Coaster can only offer up to 21 seats, including the one for the driver. Since the Coaster has less seating capacity, it has smaller dimensions, making it ideal for narrow roads in towns or rural areas. If you want a bus built for urban traffic, then the Coaster is definitely the better option. On the other hand, if you want a bigger commuter vehicle that is truly durable enough to withstand tough conditions, then you should go with the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa. It’s perfect as a touring bus, especially since it has a bigger passenger capacity.

Import a Used Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa to your Country

When you are looking for used cars for sale by owner or an auctioneer, you can always turn to Choose from our collection of Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa models and we will ship the vehicle to your location. We have an extensive experience in exporting used cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles to countries in Africa, including Congo, Uganda, and Zambia, among others!

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