Which body shape do you want to purchase? flat body truck(flat body truck)? Dump (dump truck)? wing (wing truck), or aluminum van? (van truck)?

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Many users are worried, “I want to buy a truck, but I don’t know what kind of truck to choose.” Trucks can be classified by use purpose, shape, size, and loading capacity, etc., and there are various types. So, this time, we took a closer look at the different types of trucks, especially the differences in shape. Please refer to it when purchasing.

What kind of trucks are there in the first place?

A truck is an automobile for freight transportation and is roughly divided into the following three categories according to size.

Truck manufacturers are classified into three categories based on total vehicle weight and loading capacity.

  • Small-sized truck (2 tons truck: less than 5 tons gross vehicle weight, maximum load 2 tons・3 tons)
  • Medium-sized truck (4 tons truck: Gross vehicle weight is more than 5 tons and less than 11 tons, maximum loading capacity is more than 3 tons and less than 6.5 tons)
  • Large-sized trucks (8 tons and 10 tons trucks: gross vehicle weight of 11 tons or more, a maximum loading capacity of 6.5 tons or more)

In addition, there is also a type that can increase the loading capacity of medium-duty trucks and can load from 6.5 to 8 tons called “additional tons trucks” and “additional tons vehicles” that are more reasonable than large-sized trucks.

In addition to size, trucks are also classified by lifting device. The lifting device means equipment that can always be mounted on the same position on the vehicle side. Specifically, it often refers to rear equipment such as a trunk, aluminum van, and special vehicle and is also called a body or upper body. In the next section, we will introduce the features and uses of trucks that differ depending on the body and upper body type.

What kind of truck is a flat body?

A flat body is one of the standard items of a truck. It has a simple structure with a flat base on the rear wheel and can be said to be suitable for various applications and luggage. Some say the flat body was first made in the history of trucks, and it is active in other industries and markets.

The side of the flat body is called “gate”, and the left, right, and the rear sides are opened for loading and unloading. Gate is made of various materials such as aluminum, iron, and wood.

Merits The flat body has no roof and is orthodox and easy to use, so it can be used for multiple purposes. As features, it is easy to load and unload and has a high work efficiency. Because it is widely used, it is often available at a reasonable price.

Demerits Since there is no hood or roof and it is simple, the cargo is susceptible to the effects of wind and rain. Because it is open, there is a risk of falling, theft, and mischief.

Major use Since it has high versatility, it can be used in many fields. The small flat body is used for carrying lightweight luggage. Both the medium-sized flat body and large-sized flat body are often used for transportation of furniture and home appliances, industrial machines, and moving business in a medium and long-distance.

What are a wing van and an aluminum van?

A van is an abbreviation for van body. A van body vehicle is a truck that has a box-shaped truck bed. An aluminum van is a truck in which aluminum is corrugated or flat (panel) processed. With a sturdy box-shaped truck bed, it can carry loads without being affected by the weather. The rear part of the truck bed has hinged double doors, shutters, and flip-up doors, and can be opened and closed.

A body type that can open and close by flipping up the sides of the box-shaped truck bed like wings is called a wing van (wing body). You can load and unload from the side of the truck bed. Although wing vans and aluminum vans are often classified separately, it can also be seen as a type that opens and closes the side of the aluminum van, so it is also called the “wing-body of the aluminum van.” In that case, they are called as an aluminum wing or panel wing.

Merits: The box shape of the aluminum van has the merit that it is less susceptible to the effects of outside air, wind, and rain compared to the flat body. In addition, there is less concern about luggage falling. The wing van can be loaded and unloaded from the side, which can improve work efficiency.

In addition, some aluminum vans have a heat-insulating material embedded inside the truck bed to be used as refrigerated van trucks. The temperature cannot be adjusted, but it can maintain a constant temperature for a certain amount of time, which is also an advantage of saving fuel consumption compared to other refrigerated vehicles.

Demerits: The wing van has a roof (ceiling) part and a side surface that are integrated into the truck bed, and there are not many shapes that open and close. Therefore, it may not be usable in some places, such as places with a low ceiling or the space is small.

When using an aluminum van as a refrigerated van truck, unlike other refrigerated cars, the temperature cannot be adjusted. It doesn’t cost much fuel, but the quality of the products may deteriorate if it’s a long-distance drive.

Major use: It is used as a commercial vehicle to carry various loads and a refrigerated van truck for transporting food and collecting and delivering parcels. Moving companies also make use of its effectiveness.

Other types

There are many types of truck shapes. Here’s a brief introduction to other trucks we haven’t introduced so far.

Refrigerated van truck

This is a truck that has heat-insulating material inside the trunk bed and has a freezing and refrigerating function, in which temperature can be adjusted. It can carry products that require quality control, such as fresh foods and pharmaceuticals.

Crane truck

As the name implies, it is a truck equipped with a crane for loading and unloading the trunk bed. It has a convenient function that allows you to load, move, and carry luggage on site. There are several types, such as ones with a crane between the driver’s seat and the truck bed and ones with a crane attached to a truck bed.

Mixer truck

The truck is equipped with a mixing drum on the truck bed, and the concrete in the drum is mixed and carried to the site.

Aerial Platform(cherry picker)

It is used when working in high places. It is equipped with a device that goes up and down by accommodating people by placing it on the floor of the worksite (high lift workbench). It is used for construction・equipment work, electrical work such as utility poles, communication work, and signboard installation.

Vacuum truck

A truck equipped with a suction pump and tank. It is useful for collecting human waste and cleaning septic tanks in areas where the sewerage system is not maintained.

High pressure washing cars

A truck that is equipped with a high-pressure pump and a water tank which can make water high pressure and inject it powerfully. It removes dirt on the road and cleans sewer pipes and domestic water distribution pipes.

Tanker truck

A type of truck that has a tank on its truck bed. It can transport petroleum-based products such as gasoline and kerosene, liquids, gases, and powders, etc.

Summary: Let’s choose a truck according to the use and purpose!

There are various types depending on the shape and size of the truck. Which truck you should use depends on what kind of function you expect and what the purpose of the truck is. We recommend that you decide which type you need and what advantages and disadvantages it has!

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