Honda Insight (2nd Generation) Review

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When the Honda Insight hybrid was first introduced in 2000, many were hopeful that it will fare well in the market. However, six years later, it was discontinued due to lack of consumer interest and low sales. On the other hand, Honda was not just ready to quit yet. In 2009, Earth Day, it released the second generation Insight hybrid. It was offered at a lower price than Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius and was marketed for first-time car owners and consumers under 35.

So, why did Honda released a new generation of Insight despite its predecessor’s failure? Well, compared to the time when it launched the original Insight, the number of hybrid vehicles in the market has multiplied six times. Younger buyers are more interested in buying these products and Honda answered the demand by releasing the second generation of Insight.

Popular Used Honda Insight Models

If you want to look for a more affordable version of Honda Insight, you should consider buying a Japanese used car. We also feature a good selection of this line, so you are sure to find one that suits your preferences and budget. Here are some of the most viewed Honda Insight vehicles in our catalog:

2010 Honda Insight (AT)
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2009 Honda Insight (CVT)
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2011 Honda Insight (AT)
Model code: ZE2

2011 Honda Insight (CVT)
Model code: DAA-ZE2

2012 Honda Insight Exclusive (CVT)
Model code: DAA-ZE3

Honda Insight Notable Specs

The technology of Insight is fundamentally similar to what the current Civic Hybrid has. The second generation of this vehicle boasts of a 4.8L/100 km fuel consumption. Compared to what Toyota Prius offers, these are slightly better. Meanwhile, it is only marginally inferior to what the first-generation Insight could deliver.

What’s interesting about the second-generation Insight is the compact electric motor which is strategically placed between the vehicle’s gearless CVT transmission and internal combustion engine. The 1.3-liter engine and 10-kilowatt electric motor can generate around 123 lb-ft of torque and 98 horsepower.

The engine of Insight also features Honda’s famed i-VTEC variable valve technology which was almost identical to what the Civic Hybrid offers. Honda claims that its 128-volts, nickel metal hydride battery pack can last for 15 years or 240,000 kilometers.

Honda Insight’s Classy Design

People who loved the original Insight particularly fancied its radically sleek and aerodynamic body. As such, they expected the same innovative design for the second generation. However, Honda aimed for a mainstream market appeal. So, they decided to favor a safer and less controversial design.

After listening to media and customer feedback, in 2010, Honda gave the Insight a dynamic makeover. The mid-life facelift was debuted in the Frankfurt motor show in 2011. Recent models have a front-end that resembles the latest generation of Civic.

What’s notable about the second-generation Insight is its aerodynamic shape which has a gradual transition from the roofline to the rear window. It was carefully designed for balance while ensuring enough headroom for rear passengers. The air passes more smoothly over the top due to the body’s top half tapering in towards the car’s rear.

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