The Highs and Lows of HiAce Vans

The Toyota HiAce has been known to be a reliable and dependable vehicle for many drivers. It may not have the same dynamic ability and style as certain models from its class, but it is still an efficient tool for transporting people and goods.

For many decades, Toyota has been manufacturing light commercial vehicles, among which are the Hilux pick-ups and the HiAce vans. The latter always ranks behind its European rivals like the Ford Transit and the Renault Traffic. Nonetheless, it still offers something different, catering to a specific target market.

What to Expect from HiAce Vans Specs

The HiAce may not be the most beautiful and stylish van you will come across, but it still remains popular among a specific type of buyers. After all, when it comes to light commercial vehicles, consumers prioritise functionality, reliability, and durability above aesthetics.

One of the great things about HiAce vans specs is they include two batteries. Such feature is quite useful especially for tradespeople who tend to drain the battery power of their vehicle due to the nature of their work. With that said, fleet, government, and private buyers have chosen this model for its reputation in meeting the unforgiving demands of the end users. Depending on the driving condition, you can choose from three HiAce van set-ups:

  • Long wheelbase – With a sliding door, a cargo capacity of 6.0 meters, and airbags, this design can be considered quite handy and reliable.
  • Commuter bus – If your priority is comfort, this would be the ideal set-up for you. It features three-point seat belts, an exclusive cooler ventilation system, power sliding door, and increased storage capacity.
  • Super long wheelbase van – A convenient and easy ride, this set-up features 9.8 cubic meters of cargo handling capacity, remote central locking, sliding door access, and high roof design.

The Highs of a HiAce Van

  1. Toyota’s superb reputation for dependability and longevity is perfectly exemplified in the reliability of HiAce vans.
  2. HiAce vans can almost give a saloon vibe with their light steering, throttle, brake, and clutch controls. These components work harmoniously with a superb gear shift.
  3. You will find later models with enhanced noise-calming sound insulation, making longer travels more comfortable.

The Lows of a HiAce Van

  1. It is true that the engines of HiAce vans are dependable. However, they can be noisy under any driving circumstance, making longer journeys annoying to the ears.
  2. Even with a light load, you might find a surprising amount of lean when the HiAce corners. People who are used to more modern vans might be taken aback by this.
  3. The cab design may not be as modern as its rivals, but it is practical enough. As such, buyers who are going after aesthetics often opt for the classier Grandia variant.

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