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Let’s diagnose a hiace that you are planning to buy here

There are more than 20 types of Toyota Hiace. You need to choose the best model depends on your country and application. Let’s diagnose the Hiace you should buy.

What is the purpose of using Hiace?

First, let’s clarify what the main purpose to use. There are three choices below.

  1. Cargo
  2. Passenger use
  3. Bus

1. For the use as cargo

If you use Hiace as cargo, choose Hiace van such as hiace van custom, hiace van GL, and hiace van DX. The half-size of back is a luggage compartment, so you can carry a lot of luggage. It is durable enough to withstand severe conditions such as long-distance driving.

Recently, in Japan, there are many people who customize the luggage room as they like and use the hiace van as a camper to enjoy camping and surfing.

2.For the use as passenger use

If you want to use it for passenger use, hiaceminibus buy cheap such as hiace van wide and hiace wagon is recommended. The spacious interior, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is popular. Hiaceminibus buy cheap is the best model when transporting a lot of passengers.

3.For the use as a bus

If you want to use Hiace as a bus, choose Hiace Commuter or hiaceminibus buy cheap. Since it can accommodate up to 14 people, it can be used as a microbus. Because it has a high roof specification, it is possible to be inside a car without bending over in the last row.

hiaceminibus buy cheap is often used as a pick-up car. Although hiaceminibus buy cheap is often used for business, of course, you can use it for personal use. For example, if you want to use hiaceminibus as a camper or sleep in a car, you will be able to relax in a large-sized space of a car.

Next, let’s check the fuel type

Once you find the best Hiace model, the next thing you want to check is fuel type whether you want a gasoline or diesel car. This is because fuel efficiency changes depending on which one you use. However, unlike in the past, Hiace has recently become less dependent on the type of fuel.

However, there may be differences in weight. Diesel vehicles produce horsepower (power when the car starts moving) even at low engine speeds, so they can exert a lot of torque (power to move forward). It does not depend much on weight.

Gasoline cars, on the other hand, gain horsepower by increasing their speed. If you have a lot of weight, you will have to use the engine to get started, which will increase fuel consumption. In other words, the heavier the car, the worse the fuel consumption.

Looking at this alone, isn’t a diesel car better? The highest speed is much higher for gasoline cars. Vibration and sound are also quiet.

We must also mention the fact that differences in fuel consumption are often influenced by how you drive.

For gasoline-powered vehicles, it is a good idea to change the acceleration moderately and frequently. For diesel vehicles, you need to change the shift early and drive and try to avoid high rotative speed.

If you are looking for fuel consumption plus driving power, you should choose a diesel car. If you are looking for comfortable driving, a gasoline car is better. Prices are generally higher for diesel vehicles.

Find out what grades are available for each Hiace

Hiace has different grades for each model. Let’s check what they are.

  • Van
    There are two types of van Hiace, “Super GL” and “DX”. Super GL is the highest grade and well-equipped. There are many types of DX, so you can select the one that suits you according to the purpose.
  • Wagon, hiaceminibus buy cheap
    Wagons suitable for passenger use include “GL”, “Grand Cabin”, and “DX”. GL is the highest grade. There are facilities such as armrests and space-up seats that are equipped only for this grade.The Grand Cabin has the largest body in Hiace. The high roof makes it easy to move inside the car. Driving may be a bit difficult. Prices are also likely to be high. DX, a basic grade, has simple equipment and specifications. Rather than driving, it is more suitable for commercial use.
  • Commuter, hiaceminibus buy cheap
    Commuter grades are “GL” and “DX”. GL is a 2700cc gasoline car and fully equipped. DX is a 2800cc diesel car with simple specifications.


Do you have some ideas which Hiace is right for you? There may be many types and you may be confused, but if you focus on the three points, purpose, fuel type, and grade, it will be easier to find.

Recently, many people buy hiaceminibus, and it is very popular because used cars can be purchased cheaply.

If you find Hiace that “is right for you!”, we recommend importing directly from a reliable company. Let us introduce this company. Carpaydiem

There are many export companies in Japan, but some are unreliable. If you want to import without taking risks, we recommend The company is founded in 2009 and has had business with more than 90 countries.

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