Essential Things to Know about a Mitsubishi Canter

The requirements for commercial vehicles vary from fleet to fleet. However, it is worth noting that the shipping and transportation industries rely heavily on medium-duty trucks to get the job done. That said, only a select few can match the level of durability, functionality, and efficiency that a Mitsubishi Canter can provide. There are many reasons people opt for this model when they are looking for cheap trucks from Japan. After all, the Canter has several excellent qualities, including superior fuel economy, unrivaled comfort, and reliable safety features, among others.

If you’re planning to purchase cheap trucks from Japan, make sure you check out this guide first. We will give you some tips on how to choose the perfect Mitsubishi Canter for your needs. This way, you can ensure the best value for your money.

A Mitsubishi Canter is Ideal for the Following Applications:

  • Dump trucks moving sand, earth, debris, and waste, among others.
  • Refrigerated freezer trucks for transporting perishable goods such as fish, vegetables, meat, and flowers.
  • Aerial work trucks fitted with equipment needed for electric wire installation.
  • Power gates carrying heavy cargo on the load platform.
  • Flat body trucks and flat body long trucks carrying appropriate load and work.
  • Enclosed aluminum trucks for transporting goods that should remain unexposed.
  • Wing trucks fitted with forklifts, ideal for neatly loading heavy cargo.
  • Crane trucks for loading and unloading heavy materials.

How to Choose the Type of Canter

If you need a refrigerated freezer truck, ideally, you should get a flat body truck with an aluminum van. On the other hand, if you need a dump truck for industrial use, get a flat body long truck. Meanwhile, power gates are perfect for aerial work.

The Number of Passengers in the Cabin

You should also ask yourself about the passenger capacity of the cabin. Typically, there is one row in the cabin, but there are double cabins with two rows. If you’re panning to carry more than four passengers, it would be good to choose a double cabin Canter.

Selecting the Truck According to the Load Capacity

The Mitsubishi Canter is categorized as a small truck, and under this group are two sub-classes—Canter and Canter Guts. It is worth noting that the two models differ in loading capacity. For instance, the Canter can carry 2 tons or more. On the other hand, the Canter Guts has a 1.5-ton maximum capacity. To give you an idea of how these sub-classes compare to other trucks in Mitsubishi, check out the details below:

  • Fuso Fighter trucks can carry around 3.5 to 4 tons of cargo.
  • Fuso Super Great trucks have a 5- to 10-ton carrying capacity.

When you’re looking for cheap trucks from Japan, you can choose a model depending on the load capacity. Keep in mind that you will never be able to request for a 4-ton Mitsubishi Canter. You simply need to opt for a Fuso Fighter for that purpose.

Keep in mind that the load capacity is determined by the following qualities:

  1. Single or double cabin
  2. Platform length
  3. Tire size and flat rate
  4. The frame’s weight

Choosing the Fuel Type of your Mitsubishi Canter

Generally, Mitsubishi Canter trucks are available in gasoline, diesel, and LPG fuel types. However, most of the Canter and Canter Guts manufactured and sold in Japan are diesel vehicles. You will only find diesel Canter trucks while Canter Guts are available in diesel and gasoline types. Keep in mind that the diesel vehicles are the highest among the fuel options.

If you’re ready to purchase your own Mitsubishi Canter, contact today! Our friendly sales specialists will be glad to answer your inquiries!

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