Electric Cars: Is it High Time you Drove One?

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Ever since electric vehicles (EVs) were introduced in the global market, they have made huge technological leaps. With every passing year, they become more and more popular. However, despite the many benefits of electric cars, many drivers are still hesitant to replace their gas-powered vehicles. They are probably discouraged due to the many misconceptions about this type of car.

In this post, we are going to explain all the notable benefits of electric cars. Of course, we want you to make the best decision for your lifestyle, budget, and needs. So, we will also discuss the common electric car problems that you might encounter.

What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

Eco-Friendly Type of Vehicle

The electric cars’ impact on the environment is considerably less compared to gas-powered vehicles. Knowing that you’re reducing your carbon footprint is enough reason to make the investment. It is worth noting that electric vehicles do not have an exhaust system, which also means zero emissions. Keep in mind that gas-powered cars contribute greatly to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Making the switch can let you contribute to a healthier earth and cleaner air.

Quick yet Quiet Performance

Try riding a battery-powered car and you will easily notice how its ride quality is heaps better than a petroleum-based internal combustion engine. You can expect your drives to be smooth and quiet when you’re in an electric car. Its performance can make standard vehicles seem outdated and clunky. You will be surprised to discover that EVs offer high torque. Try stepping on the accelerator and the wheels will immediately receive power. So, while electric cars can be quiet, they can also provide you with an exhilarating driving experience.

Recharge at Home

Picture yourself never driving to a gas station again. You can park your EV in your driveway or garage, then push the plug into the charging inlet. When you wake up in the morning, your vehicle will be ready to run for another 200 miles or more. That is enough for most city drivers.

Lower Operating Costs

Electricity is generally cheap and ubiquitous, giving EVs a cost advantage over petroleum-based cars. The cost you’ll pay per mile in an electric car is just a third or even a fourth of the amount you’d spend per mile on a gasoline-based vehicle. Moreover, since EVs do not have exhaust systems, you do not need to perform oil changes on them, reducing the maintenance costs.

What are the Common Electric Car Problems

Like other types of vehicles, electric cars also have some downsides. For instance, they usually offer between 125 to 300 miles of range, which can take several hours to refuel. However, if you are not an interstate driver, 100 miles of range can be sufficient for daily driving. Aside from limited range, electric vehicles can also be pricey when you compare them with gas vehicles. However, in certain countries, the government offers tax credit discounts and rebates for EV owners.

It is also worth noting that a lot of electric cars can hold their value well. So, you might be able to get a good deal out of your vehicle once you decide to sell it. If you are still worried about how expensive an electric car can be, there are other venues where you can get one for a more affordable price. You can join one of Carused.jp’s Online Japan Car Auction to find your preferred EV for a much lower cost.

As you can see, the advantages of electric vehicles outweigh their disadvantages. So, if you want to get an affordable EV, do not hesitate to contact Carused.jp today!

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