Editor’s Picks: Zimbabwe’s Favorite Japanese Used Cars

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Zimbabwe is always on the bucket list of adventurous travelers. It is a premier safari destination for anyone who has a thirst for the wildlife experience. The picturesque views, fantastic culture, and magnificent mammals are enough to get one packing their bags and booking the next flight to Africa.

It is true that the country went through tumultuous political and economic times. However, the market is ripe and ready to reclaim its position as one of the best tourist destinations in the continent. Of course, with the growing trade industry and tourist population comes the increasing demand for durable and reliable transportation. That said, the best place to find such vehicles is the Japanese market. People from Zimbabwe can even enjoy lower rates when they opt for used JDM cars.

So, if you are planning to import used Japanese cars to Zimbabwe, take a look at our editor’s picks.

Honda Fit

Model code: LA-GD1

Also marketed as the Honda Jass, the Honda Fit is a subcompact, five-door, and front-wheel drive car. In 2013, it was one of the top-selling vehicles across the globe. It is widely popular among Zimbabwe locals for its beautiful interior and reliable performance. Compared to larger vehicles in the same class, the Honda Fit has more re-configurable cargo space. So, it is no surprise why it has achieved great success since its initial release.

Toyota HiAce Manual Transmission

Model code: LH129V

The Toyota HiAce manual transmission is also one of the top-selling Japanese used vehicles in Zimbabwe. Since tourism is a growing industry in this country, there has been an increasing demand for cars that can transport several passengers at once. Needless to say, the HiAce is the perfect vehicle for such an application. It is ideal for personal and commercial use, offering a huge range of configurations. In a growing economy like Zimbabwe, it can be used as a family car, a minibus, a taxi or a cargo vehicle. The most popular used HiAce vans are the ones from the fourth generation, including the LH129, LH119, LH186, and RZH112 models.

Nissan X-Trail

Model code: TA-NT30

Of course, the best way to experience the stunning safaris in Zimbabwe is by getting on an off-road SUV and driving out there. Such kind of adventure is made possible with the Nissan X-Trail. As tourists start to flock the country, there has been a significant demand for a rugged yet reliable off-road vehicle. Its rigid and solid body design is also ideal for providing a seamless driving experience in the harshest, off-road paths of Zimbabwe.

Nissan Caravan

Model code: VPE25

The Nissan Caravan is also popular in Zimbabwe for its versatility, durability, and reliability. It might look like a light commercial van, but it offers more than what meets the eye. Since its initial launch in 1973, it has been outshining its competition for its multi-functional and innovative features. Also referred to as the Nissan Urvan, Nissan King Van, and the Nissan Homy, the Caravan is sought after across the world for its cab-over-engine design. It has an intelligent body configuration which ensures maximum maneuverability and drivability without sacrificing cargo and passenger space.

Moreover, the Caravan has a cost-efficient layout. After all, it has been designed and built to abide by Japan’s regulations on a vehicle’s exterior dimensions. The other selling points for Zimbabwe locals is the Caravan’s reliable performance and good fuel economy. It definitely proves that versatility does not have to come with a big price tag.
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