Editor’s Picks: Top-Selling Japanese Used Cars in Tanzania

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Tanzania is widely popular for its exotic sandy beaches and adventure-filled wildlife. Surrounded by stunning mountains and flowing lakes, this country never fails to dazzle the eyes of tourists and locals alike. Situated in East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is one of the prominent importers of pre-owned vehicles from Japan, and it is not surprising why.

Many locals prefer economically efficient, durable, and long-lasting vehicles. Often, they turn to Japanese cars due to their reputation for performance and quality. If you’re a Tanzanian and you’re thinking of what JDM car to purchase, take a look at our list of top-selling Japanese used vehicles. We’ve listed the most popular cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks commonly imported in Tanzania.

Toyota Townace Noah

Model code: GF-SR40G

One of the highly demanded vehicles in Tanzania is the Toyota Townace Noah. It is preferred by buyers who are looking for small, family-friendly wagons. It is known for its spacious interior seating, carefully designed compact urban exterior, plenty of cargo storage loading accommodation, and good engine fuel performance. It is a trendy minivan that provides safety, comfort, and great economy price, delivering a pleasurable on-road driving experience for Tanzanians.

Toyota Raum

Model code: CBA-NCZ20
As evident in its name, the Toyota Raum has been designed to provide spacious seating capacity for its passengers. It has a roomy cargo storage accommodation, as well as a cozy seating design. It is popular among Tanzanians for its sleek yet robust body structure. Consumers also find the round-shaped fog lights and the front-side, octagon-shaped LED headlights quite appealing.

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

Model code: PA-FE70DB
Of course, Tanzania is not all adventure and fun. The country also has an industrial sector with a high demand for durable and performance-centric trucks. When it comes to trucks, Tanzanians prefer to buy used Canter from Japan. This truck ideal for light-duty commercial application, providing unparalleled benefits like safety, reliability, functionality, and efficiency.

Nissan X-Trail

Model code: TA-NT30
If you want a truly immersive Tanzanian experience, you have to have a vehicle that is ready for extreme levels of fun and adventure. This is the reason why there is a significant demand for Nissan X-Trail in this Eastern African country. It offers outstanding rugged maneuverability. What’s more, it has a solid and rigid body design that provides seamless driving experience even in harsh, off-road paths.

Toyota RAV4

Model code: CBA-ACA21W
Another vehicle perfect for exploring the mysteries of wildlife adventure in Tanzania is the Toyota RAV4. It is a compact, crossover SUV that is rugged and durable enough for off-road leisure trips with family and friends. Designed as a highly robust vehicle, the Toyota RAV is ideal for risky and harsh multi-terrain recreational activities.

On the other hand, there are more things to love about this vehicle. It has an interior that has been carefully designed to provide true peace of mind and comfort for its passengers. Adventures are more fun with the extended cargo storage loading accommodation, as well as advanced driving features like the moonroof, audio integrated and connected navigation, and rearview mirror, among others.

Import a Japanese Used Car to Tanzania

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