Editor’s Picks: Top Japanese Used Cars in New Zealand

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If there is one thing you can expect from a Japan automobile auction, it’s a parade of second-hand vehicles sold at the lowest prices! Thanks to its endless car deals, the export industry in the country continuously gains recognition not just in Asia, but in the US and New Zealand as well.

So if you are looking for a high quality vehicle but you are on a tight budget, don’t hesitate to take a look at Japanese used cars. With thousands of cars being added up to the Japanese car market, you can definitely find the perfect vehicle without spending a fortune–and yes, this goes out to all of those who are planning to import used cars to New Zealand too.

To help you filter the thousands of options in the car market, below are some of the top used Japanese cars exported to New Zealand.


Honda Fit

A subcompact car also advertised as the Honda Jass, the Honda Fit is a 5-door, front-wheel drive vehicle that garnered nearly 5 million dollars of sales in the year 2013. With an exquisite interior and a re-configurable cargo space comparable to larger vehicles, there is no need to wonder why the Honda Fit achieved massive success upon its release.


Suzuki Swift

Second on the list of top used Japanese cars imported to New Zealand is the Suzuki Swift–a subcompact vehicle that has undergone several facelifts over the years. First launched in 1985, this model has won more than 60 awards, including a Goldstar award from Wheels magazine in Australia and 2011 Small Car of the Year from AMI autocar magazine in New Zealand.


Toyota Vitz

Available in 3 or 5-door versions, the Toyota Vitz, also called Toyota Yaris, makes it in the list of the top 3 subcompact cars in Japan. The sales of the first two generations went over 3.5 million dollars in 70 countries in the year 2010.


Toyota Wish

The Toyota Wish has 6 and 7-seater variants, and it is manufactured mainly in Japan and other parts of Asia. Boasting sophisticated interiors and a huge cargo space, the Toyota Wish is a compact multi-purpose van powered by either a 1.8 or a 2-liter gasoline engine.


Toyota Mark X

As the successor of the famous Mark II, the Toyota Mark X was designed with sophisticated interiors and exteriors that can make jaws drop. It is a top-level mid-size vehicle in Japan, and it has a huge following, particularly since it has picked up where Mark II has left off. In other countries, it is also marketed as the Toyota Crown.


Toyota Prius

Rated as one of the cleanest cars in the USA, the Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric vehicle that produces a low level of smog-forming emissions. Designed with no plug-in capability, this eco-friendly car also tops the chart in terms of fuel-efficiency. So if you are going to import used cars in New Zealand, the Prius is absolutely the greenest and the smartest choice.


Nissan X-Trail

Looking for a larger vehicle? The Nissan X-Trail won’t disappoint. A compact crossover that has a large cargo and passenger space, the Nissan X-Trail is among the best-selling used cars from Japan.

Want to spot a great deal? Import used cars to New Zealand with the help of our auction tool. With our help, you can narrow down your options and find the best deals available in the Japanese market.

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