Editor’s Picks: Top Japanese Used Cars in Mozambique

Mozambique is widely recognized for its unforgettable, picturesque views and secluded, yet stunning beaches. The delicious, fresh seafood even complements these beautiful adventure spots. This country has a strong Portuguese influence, evident in the delectable dishes like Peri-Peri Prawns and Peri-Peri Chicken, widely available in the country. The demand in the tourism sector continues to grow, and with it, the need for reliable vehicles increases with it.

Japan is the best source for such cars. We all know how durable, functional, and versatile Japanese automakers build their vehicles. These are just some of the reasons why Mozambique locals opt for JDM cars. Even on a tight budget, they can get a high-quality Japanese used Toyota HiAce van or any vehicle at lower rates.

There are thousands of cars added to the used Japanese car market. Needless to say, it can be challenging to choose one that will suit your preferences and the conditions in Mozambique. As such, we’ve compiled a list of top used Japanese cars popularly exported to this country in Africa.

Toyota RAV4

Model code: SXA11G

You can expect driving and handling to be smooth in urban areas. Its small 1.8- to 2.0-liter engines makes it ideal for city driving. Its fuel efficiency makes up for its low horsepower. The Toyota RAV4 is popular among families who are looking for a vehicle that’s easy to handle. It really shows its capacity at turns. After all, it can execute a three-point turn, making it fun to drive on packed and busy roads. It can be reliable enough once the driver gets comfortable with the wheels.

Nissan X-Trail

Model code: CBA-NT30

The Nissan X-Trail is quite the opposite of the Toyota RAV4. Its tall design offers great views while its strong chassis makes it an ideal off-road vehicle. It may not fall under the sports car category. However, its versatility, space, and interior can easily challenge any sports vehicle. With its four-cylinder engine, it is absolutely a powerful car. Even with a small gas capacity of 2.0 liters, it can still deliver 40 hp. It also has a turbocharged version which can deliver 280 hp with the same gas capacity. It is available in either 2WD or 4WD, as well as a four-speed automatic transmission, five-speed transmission, or manual transmission.

Toyota HiAce

Model code: KDH201V

The Japanese used Toyota HiAce van is widely popular not only in Oceania but also in Africa. It is a highly sought-after vehicle in Mozambique for its efficiency in transporting goods and people. Toyota is renowned for its ability to design and build functional and durable vehicles. Needless to say, the HiAce van is definitely an embodiment of those qualities.

It is not surprising why it has become the ideal workhorse in Mozambique. Locals who order a Japanese used Toyota HiAce van usually have the option of buying a commuter van or a cargo van. In Mozambique, the HiAce van is mostly used for transporting several people from one point to another. It started as a small, rudimentary van featuring a direct engine. However, it has become a favorite community bus. Drivers love it for its durability, load capacity, and overall responsiveness.

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