Editor’s Picks: Most Popular Japanese Used Cars in Burundi

It is true that since Burundi’s independence in 1962, it has continued to be plagued by political and ethnic tensions. However, it is now starting to enjoy a stable economy, providing a ripe market for used Japanese vehicles. Burundi may be a small country in East Africa, but it is quickly becoming a tourist destination. After all, there are lots of things to see and do in this beautiful country.

With the growing population of tourists visiting Burundi, there also has been an increasing demand in the automotive industry. There’s a significant need to transport goods and people. Here at Carused.jp, we understand how much our readers from Burundi love Japanese vehicles. As such, we’ve put together this article, highlighting the most popular JDM cars we recommend to our customers from this wonderful country in East Africa. Read through this blog post to know which Japanese vehicle is suitable to your needs and preferences!

Toyota Rush

Model code: J210E

The Toyota Rush is a subcompact SUV with a 3-row, 7-passenger design. In some countries, it is sold with the extended full length of 4,405mm and the extended wheelbase ranging from 2,580mm to 2,685mm (+105mm). Marketed as the successor of the Toyota Cami, this vehicle is given its name for its ability to exude energy and uplifting spirit through its reliable performance and comfortable cabin. Indeed, it is not surprising why this vehicle is popular in Burundi.

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter

Model code: FK618G

Since there is a growing trade industry in Burundi, there has also been a significant demand for trucks. This is also the reason why many locals buy used Fighter trucks Japan online exporters have been selling. The Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter is a medium-duty truck that has been serving the general freight and specialized vocation sectors for many years. Its durability, performance, and strength make it a favorite vehicle for transporting goods in Burundi. Popular engines codes include 6D17, 6D16, and 6M60.

Toyota Corolla Axio

Model code: DBA-NZE141

The Toyota Corolla Axio is widely recognized for combining the useful features of an 8th generation Sprinter and a Belta. It is also popular in Burundi for the power, safety, elegance, and good seating capacity it provides. It may be a four-door, compact car, but it can comfortably accommodate up to five people.

When it was initially released in 2007, it was marketed as a successor of the Toyota Corolla E120. On the other hand, it offers better looks and features than its predecessor. It has a comfortable and stunning interior that provides enough space for cargo and people. If you’re searching for good used Toyota Corolla Axio cars, make sure you check out the three models released from the 2012 generation. They are available with a 4-cylinder engine, around 55 liters of tank capacity, and 110 to 160 horsepower.

Nissan X-Trail

Model code: TA-NT30

There are also beaten paths in Burundi. As such, it is important for locals and visitors to have a vehicle that is rugged enough to transport them through the harshest road conditions of the country. This is also the reason why the Nissan X-Trail has become one of the most recommended vehicles for the area. It is built with a rigid body, making the driving experience seamless even in off-road paths.

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