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TOYOTA Harrier is very popular not only in Japan but also in the world as a pioneer of luxury SUV. Since the launch of the first generation in 1997, many generations have been released; the second generation in 2003, the third generation in 2013, and the fourth generation in 2020.

If you read this article, you can find more about the following contents!

  • All things about the interior of ACU series Harrier
  • All things about the interior of SXU series Harrier
  • All things about the interior of MCU series Harrier
  • All things about the interior of ZSU series Harrier
  • About customizing the interior of Harrier



Harrier is superior to other SUV in response to the needs of users who are high-end-oriented, and this applies to the first generation to the current fourth generation. It has a higher comfortability by changing seats and interior designs at every minor changes.

There are some differences in Harrier’s model codes in each generation as below.

  • ACU series: Affordable and popular
  • SXU series: Model code only for the first generation Harrier
  • MCU series: More powerful drive is an advantage
  • ZSU series: Premium and cool impression

Depending on each model codes, not only the exterior and performance but also the interior, which is the highlight topic this time, have some differences.

It is also possible to customize the interior according to the grade and options.

This article introduces things that readers would like to find out by headlines, so you can easily find out what you want to know by reading the interesting headline.

Now, this time, we would like to introduce the differences in the interior for each model code of Harrier’s each generation!


1.Cheap and extremely popular! Summary of ACU series (first generation・third generation) interior

Because Harrier’s car body price of ACU series is reasonable, it is a model code that are ideal for those who want to drive a high-class SUV .

ACU series offers the first-generation Harrier “ACU10W” and “ACU15W” and the second-generation Harrier “ACU30W” and “ACU35W”.

In addition to the characteristics of the interior of each generation, it also differs depending on the grade, so it is a great idea to check the differences in interior by paying particular attention to the differences in grade.

From here, we will introduce the features and differences of the interior of the popular “ACU10W”, “ACU15W”, “ACU30W”, and “ACU35W”, and also the features and differences of the interior depending on the grade.


First generation Harrier(ACU10W/ACU15W)

harrier diff 1

The first generation Harrier’s ACU type is the 2WD “ACU10W” and the 4WD “ACU15W”.

In addition to “iR Package”, which has an advanced sport seats and audio equipment (JBL audio etc), it provides a lineup of “G Package” with luxurious equipment such as a power seat and leather-wrapped and wood-grained steering wheel.

The iR package features a steering wheel with shift buttons, and adapting sports type car seat and an aluminum panel is also a distinctive feature.

There are no leather-covered seats but the seats are very comfortable. The design with a combination of gray and lattice patterns leaves a lasting impression of atmosphere.

The rear seats have plenty of room for both overhead and leg area, but the seat in the center is slightly raised, and it is a little stiff.

When a split and collapsible seatback of a backrest is collapsed forwardly, the seating surface sinks accordingly, so the trunk (a depth of 100 cm, a floor maximum width of 140 cm, a height to the parcel shelf of 45 mm, and a height of 85 cm to the ceiling) can be kept almost horizontal.

In the G package, fabric + synthetic leather seats are used, and 8-way power seats/2-way power seats are adapted.

G package is also a luxurious version of the iR package, and in addition to the seat design and functions, it is equipped with comfortable equipment such as an air conditioner with Nano E X, decoration panel, and 7 inch Multi-Information Display.

In the model released in August 2001, a special specification car “Prime Section” was added to the lineup.

In the Prime Section, electro-multivision (EMV) with DVD voice navigation is standard equipment.

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Second generation Harrier(ACU30W/ACU35W)

harrier diff 2

The second generation Harrier’s ACU series is the 2WD “ACU 30W” and the 4WD “ACU 35W”.

The right and left independent temperature control air conditioner or CD/MD audio, etc.are installed as standard equipment in all cars of both ACU 30W and ACU 35W.

harrier diff 3

The interior is unified with a modern wood grain design, which is characterized by its sophistication.

There are some grades: the “L Package” with a 4:2:4 folding rear seat and the “Premium L Package” with a wood grain operation system in addition to the interior of the L package and JBL premium sound system.

harrier diff 4

In 2009, the specially equipped car “240G “L Package Limited” was released. It has 8-way mufti-adjustable seat with electric lumbar support, which was a popular driver’s seat in the L package, a 4:2:4: folding seat back, and a seat cover material using jacquard fabric.

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Furthermore, in 2011, “240G “L package and ALCANTARA Selection” was added as a product lineup. It adapted an exclusive seating material for Alcantara and a special automobile inspection certificate as an upgrade. In additon, it has a leathered shift lever and knob with the wood grain.

2.It can handle driving on rough roads and in downtown! Summary of SXU series (first generation) interior

harrier diff 5

The FF type “SXU10W”, which is the model code only for the first generation Harrier, and the 4WD “SXU15W” work well on driving on rough roads and in downtown.

The “SXU 10W” and “SXU 15W” offer two packages. The “S Package” has sporty and sound equipment such as sports seats and JBL audio, and the “G Package” is a high-grade version with leathered steering interior on the power seat.

In addition, all grades are equipped with a sports steering shift that allows manual shifting, and as standard equipment, dual airbag, ABS, and seat belt with pretensioner & force limiter are adapted.



As explained earlier, SXU10W uses the FF system (front engine/front drive), and since the storage is completed in the engine room, the interior is spacious when the engine is in the horizontal direction.

Like SXU15W, which will be described later, the size of trunk is accordingly. The length is about 1.60 m, the width is about 1.40 m, the diagonal line is 2.13 m, and the area is about 2.24 ㎡. It is very comfortable for outdoor use and spending a night in the car.

harrier diff 6

In October 1998, the year after the first generation Harrier SXU10X was released, a specially equipped car “AERO TOURER” was released.

AERO TOURER is characterized by the wide customization possibilities, including the ability to equip a special sports seat.

harrier diff 7



SXU 15W adopts a wide and strong center console with the image of a horse whip and this is pinched by the instrument panel. This combination creates a generous and robust feeling.

In SXU15W, AERO TOURER was released in October 1998, and “AERO TOURER II” was introduced the following year.

In AERO TOURER II,  a customized brand, MODELLISTA, was released and can be customized in a wider variety than AERO TOURER, for example, the selection of a dedicated color.


3.Powerful riding is a great advantage! Summary of MCU series (first and second generation) interior

The MCU series is the model code of the first and the second Harrier and characterized as a superior series with powerful drive.

It has larger displacement than the ACU series, which is different from the MCX series, but it is cheaper and the characteristics of interior differ depending on the grade.

In the first generation Harrier,

  • MCU10W with FF system
  • MCU15W with 4WD

In the second generation Harrier,

  • MCU30W/MCU 31W with FF system
  • MCU 35W/MCU36W with 4WD

In addition to the improved performance in the first and second generations, there are also grade differences, so let’s check on that part.

The first generation Harrier(MCU10W/MCU15W)

harrier diff 8

In “MCU10W” with FF system and “MCU15W” with 4WD of the first generation Harrier,  there are “S Package” that has sporty and sound equipment such as sports seats and JBL audio, and “G Package” with luxurious equipment such as leathered steering and power seats.

Moreover, all vehicles are equipped with a sports steering shift that allows manual gear shift on a steering, and dual airbags, ABS, and seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters are equipped as standard safety equipment.

The trunk has a wide opening, which makes it easy to load and unload luggage.

Since it is equipped with a stainless steel finish plate, luggage inside the trunk can be easily moved.

The sub-trunk (underfloor storage) under the deck boat is also spacious, so it can fully carry various luggage such as outdoor goods and car accessories.

In October 1998, the year after the first generation Harrier was released, a specially equipped car ”AERO TOURER” with full aero parts was introduced, and in the following year, a specially equipped car “Extra G Package” with Ecsaine as a seating material was released.

In 1999, the year after the Extra G package was released, “AERO TOURER II” from the customized brand, MODELLISTA was launched. It offers a wide range of customization.


Second generation Harrier(MCU30W/MCU31W/MCU35W/MCU36W)

harrier diff 9

The 2nd generation Harrier has “MCU30W”and “MCU31W” with FF system, and “MCU35W” and “MCU36W” with 4WD.

In all MCU series cars, Sequential Shiftmatic to make the gear change smoother by switching to the S position set to the side of the gate type shift lever or D range are adapted. And as standard equipment, there are airbags/knee airbags, ABS with the electronic braking force distribution, and seat belt with pretensioner and force limiter.

harrier diff 10

As for the grade, the “L package” of audio with MD and the “Premium L package” with 18-inch aluminum and wood pattern operation system.

In addition, the top model “AIRS” has an electronically controlled air suspension system, and there are several options available, for examle, an electric multi-panel moonroof with a three-division glass roof and an electro-multivision with a 7-inch display + DVD voice navigation function.

The MCU series has a wide trunk (the length is about 1.66 m, the width is about 1.40 m, the diagonal length is about 2.17 m, and the area is about 2.32 m2), so it is highly effective for outdoor use and spending the night in the car.

harrier diff 11

4.Premium and cool! Summary of ZSU series (3rd generation) interior

The model codes for the third generation Harrier are as below.

  • ZSU 60W with FF system
  • ZSU 65W with full time 4WD

Since they were active as the current model until the fourth generation Harrier was released in June 4th 2020, they are relatively new model codes.

The differences in the luxuriousness of the interior depending on the grade stand out from these model code, having a completely novel design.

These model codes have Toyota’s latest safety technology and are popular in our company.


harrier diff 12

“ZSU 60W” with FF system and “ZSU 65W” with the full-time 4WD have an interior that combines a spacious and a sporty feeling. A design that expresses a distinctive sense of playfulness such as having an emblem on many parts.

Initially released in December 2013, the third-generation Harrier has grades such as “Elegance,” “Premium,” and “Progress.”

The large trunk that can carry four pieces of 9.5-inch golf luggage. It is easy to carry many luggage which is great for the outdoor and leisure use.

harrier diff 13

The underfloor storage under the deck board is also a large depth high capacity storage, so it can store children’s outdoor toys and car accessories.

harrier diff 14

harrier diff 15

The front seats are sports seat specifications that support the waist area and provide capable of obtaining a comfortable feeling of sitting that a seating person is wrapped up from the right and left sides.

harrier diff 16

In addition, the seat cover has just the right hardness, so when you sit down, you can sink back into a seat. It helps to reduce driver fatigue.

Interior for each grade of ZSU series

harrier diff 17

Elegance is the third generation Harrier’s basic grade, but a combination of fabric and synthetic leather is used for the seating material. There are two types of color option. Black with a cool and sharp impression and Dark Saddle Tan with a warm luxury impression.

In addition, three interior colors are available: black, deep bordeaux, and dark saddle tan, and you can enjoy the high-class feeling of Harrier even in the base grade.

Premium is almost the same as the interior of Elegance, but the illumination is attached to door scuff plates with stainless steel ornaments. The word “HARRIER” appears in blue, which brings a great feeling of being a Harrier owner.

harrier diff 18

In Premium, Premium Sheep Nappa Leather can be chosen as an optional seating material.

Progress is a grade equipped with a safety system “Panoramaic View Monitor”. Based on this equipment of Progress, the grade that combines black and deep blue as an interior color is “PROGRESS “Style BLUEISH”.

The seat colors are either blue or black, and the door switches and panels are also blue wood grain.

“Elegance”, “Premium”, and “Progress” are the three main basics, but in addition to these, there are “Metal and Leather Package” that can be added to “PROGRESS “Style BLUEISH””, and “Elegance GR Sport” that features a sporty interior.


5.Customize and make your own interior!

The interior color of Harrier can be selected from “Black”, “Black x Red”, “Dark Saddle Tan”, and “Deep Bordeaux”, so you can make it your own interior by specifying it when you purchase Harrier.

Deep Bordeaux

harrier diff 19



harrier diff 20

In addition to the interior colors, Harrier has several areas that can be customized.

  • Seat Covers
  • Floor Mat
  • Room lamp
  • Luggage lamp
  • Luggage room
  • Interior panel
  • Shift knob
  • Bottons such as lever
  • etc

For example, by customizing the seat cover and floor mat according to the interior color, you can make it your own Harrier and create a “feeling different from others”.

Among those who customized the seat cover, there are some people who set the interior color to black and the seat cover to black and deep blue.

They put a dark blue sticker on the steering wheel etc. in accordance with the seat to create a unique Harrier.

Another option is to purchase a customized Harrier product to attach them to Harrier.

For example in the back seat,

Although it can accommodate 3 people in the back seat, it is very rare that all 5 passengers will be in the 5 seater car. By utilizing the center part of the back seat, it can increase convenience for family members and friends in the back seat by having a cup holder and others.

The last customization we recommend is courtesy light.

Harrier is genuine and has this courtesy light, and there are other items to make it cooler.

When you open the door, Harrier’s logo will be projected on the ground coolly, so you can make it to a special Harrier.

The courtesy light is easy to install, so it is recommended for those who are new to customize Harrier or are not confident in customizing it.


6. Summary

Compared to other SUVs, Harrier is a pioneer of high-end SUVs and has taken a step ahead in terms of various equipment, exterior and interior designs.

The interior of Harrier varies depending on the generation, model code, and grade, so it is important to find a Harrier that you like.

The contents introduced this time are all the features of the interior that will be helpful for those who want to purchase Harrier in the future.

In addition, all the model codes of Harrier introduced this time can be purchased at Carused.jp.

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